You Can’t Remember Your Size?

In 5 days I created a 12 piece capsule wardrobe for my husband’s new job. I started at Macy’s for a pair of pants (not jeans), I was able to order another 2 of the same kind online in different colors and click on express shipping! Done!

Next we needed 5 button down shirts. At Dillards we were met with a trend that I have been seeing for a few years now: 2 different ways to size men’s shirts.

The store was divided in half. One half of the shirts were marked with neck and sleeve sizing (see photo from Macy’s), while the other half of the store contained shirts that were marked small, medium, large and extra large ONLY!


When I inquired as to why the stylist for the men’s department thought this was the case, he said that “young men could not remember their neck and sleeve sizes anymore so brands were making 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large”.

Really? Are you kidding me?

C’mon men – you don’t need the fashion industry dictating your shirt size using different methods. As women, we already have to maneuver through that. If you want to get clothes that fit — DO the following

Know your own measurements:

This is for men and women, since ordering online can be made easier by comparing accurate body measurements to the size chart for each garment. It’s one thing to try and find a neck or sleeve length; or a small, medium large size in a department store, but it’s infinitely easier to find assistance if you know your own sizes so that you can ignore the tag and find what fits.

Here are the most important measurements you need:

  1. Neck
  2. Shoulder (bone tip to bone tip)
  3. Sleeve length for a jacket and a shirt
  4. Waist
  5. Inseam
  6. Outseam

Know your cleaning preferences:

If you plan on washing your own shirts, then you may need to size up by ½ to 1 inch.

Why? Because of shrinkage.

Any shirt that is 100% cotton will shrink that much, and even blends with cotton will have shrinkage. When I am measuring a client for custom shirts, I always take into account whether you plan to take your items to the dry cleaners — or not.

Grow up. And I mean that in the nicest way. It’s time to take responsibility for your image and how you present yourself — first to you in the morning when you get dressed and then to the world as you leave the house or appear on camera from your computer.

Know that there is no standard sizing for clothing. A small in one brand does not equate to a small in another. Frustrating, I know, but you can be one step ahead by knowing your measurements and then compare those to what you find in the store and online

In the end, good fit and smart buys say “I know what I am talking about” when it comes to the non-verbal messages we send.

Make sure that you are in control of those, and then get up, get dressed and get on with your day knowing you are trusting yourself and you are trustworthy to those you meet.

Buy Custom:

There are many more options in 2017 than there were even 5 years ago for getting custom clothing. Of course, I recommend the line I carry, but search the internet, and you will find companies that make men’s button-front shirts, suits, blazers, pants and more, sized perfectly for you. While my husband already had 2 custom shirts and a custom suit, we were able to buy 5 more off the rack because we already knew his size, and that made all the difference. 3 ties and a new pair of shoes later, he was ready to go. OK that’s 13 pieces if you count the shoes!

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