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Winter Trends 2018

Depending on who you say “winter” to, it can mean different things to different people. On the west coast, where I live, it’s been a bit balmy; while my east coast family has been shivering in single digit temperatures.  Recently, my childhood scrappy Cape Cod sea town saw the rare occurrence of slurpee waves due to the bomb cyclone of weather across North America.  

Sometimes it can feel like we have a bomb cyclone of trends every season as well. I want to demystify some of that for you and give you a few great ideas on current trends from all price points.

First of all, trends are just that: trends. You don’t have to buy into them if they are not in your style or taste or within your budget.  The good thing about trends is that when there is a plethora of the seasonal trend that looks great on you and that you love — it’s time to buy!

The trends I am going to highlight are COLORS like metallics and ice cream, FABRICS such as denim (and a do-it-yourself guide) and tweed, and PATTERNS like herringbone and floral.

COLOR:  The 2 colors to focus on are silver and red.  Red is still “hot” and available more and more as we sink into 2018.  Try red in merlot, cranberry, cherry, scarlet and all around blue red.  Silver Is Still Here: If shiny is in your repertoire of signature style — then this is your time to find pieces that can “metallic “up your outfit.  Especially since this trend continued from the fall, pieces will be easier to find at a reasonable price. From a glittery boot to a silver shell to blingy jewelry, I recommend finding a fun (comfortable) shoe or boot to dress up any outfit, silver jewelry which is the easiest, and maybe just a silver phone case so you can sparkle and shine while you socialize:

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MORE COLOR:  If you love ice cream, candy, and sherbet, and summer, then these winter trend colors are for you. Suits, suit patterns, jackets, blouses, and pants are all being made in available in fun color.  If you want to brighten up your day — get lots of great feedback on your clothes — and step out of your box of black –please consider this season’s array of colors:

winter trends

FABRICS THIS SEASON:  Topping the list of fabrics this winter is…denim.  Sweaters, of course, come in a close second, well, because it’s cold in most of the country.  If you love funky designs and images, then this year’s sweaters will keep you smiling. Rediscover your glue gun and sequins and never miss the 80s again because this year’s denim (and other fabrics ) are embellished and patterned. In addition, quilting and puffy pieces tell us that staying warm is crucial this season:

PATTERNS THIS SEASON:  We are still in love with floral, and there are plenty, along with bohemian and mixed prints in anything but black.  If you love traditional patterns then your herringbone or stripe is available in work wear such as blazers and suits:

winter trends

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