Why a Consignment Boutique Can Make Your Day

Consignment shopping can help you create a “signature look” that is unique and fashionable.

It can also help you find pieces no one else is wearing! Since creating a wardrobe you love requires care, creativity, and patience, it only make sense to find some of those pieces you love (that you desire to wear again and again) in a consignment boutique.

Remember your younger days, when you wanted only the current fashions, and didn’t think too much about whether the pieces you bought actually lasted? Then, over time, you realized that hot trends quickly become obsolete – and you got tired of washing something once, maybe twice, only to have it fall apart?

Consignment store shopping is worth the time investment – the “hunt” for terrific pieces you love, and that say “this is me,” can actually be fun. 

For example, if you love dresses, you can create a wardrobe centered around dresses and their varied styles – looking for the ones that spark joy – and definitively claim that part of your signature style is that you wear dresses.

Designers themselves have signature looks – the takeaway for us is that we need fewer pieces to look smashing. Think Carolina Herrera and her white button-front shirt, Tom Ford always sports a suit, Gwen Stefani has her platinum blonde hair.

Another reason to shop consignment is that you can wear something no one else has, and have it look and feel beautiful on your body. As collections from designers become available just after their runway shows, it means that “old style” could be in a consignment store near you in just a month or two versus the years it used to take.

So you could actually be wearing a current style in the year it was designed.

Also, designers (if your consignment store does carry designer fashions) tend to jump from one design house to another, sometimes making their very own collections “obsolete” in one season. But for you, those designs are available through consignment stores, and you can wear them over the next few years with excitement and love.

Labels clothing

Some great clothes and shoes finds from Labels Consignment Boutique


Self-expression through a “signature look” isn’t the only reason to get into your local consignment store. Here are a few more:


Generally, the staff at a boutique or smaller store want to assist you in any way possible. They know their store and the contents, and often have champagne, coffee, and cookies available to make your shopping trip a warm, inviting experience.


Often consignment stores are in local neighborhoods and small strip malls, which makes them easily accessible without the feel of a mall, chaotic parking or traffic. And because the clothing changes almost daily, you can make your local consignment store a one-stop shopping experience.

The Planet:           

Clothes that are recycled contribute to the health of the planet because on average is takes 10,000 pounds of water to create one pair of pants. By donating or re-using clothing we are helping to take care of the environment, and we are making it easier (and thus more profitable) to use our current wardrobe once we have given some away.


More great clothes from Labels Consignment Boutique


What are some other reasons you might consider consignment shopping? If you’ve shopped consignment before what has your experience been like?

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