WHAT’S STOPPING YOU From Getting Help With Your Wardrobe…?


I have to clean out my closet BEFORE I ask for help. Actually, this is part of my job – to help you clean and organize your closet.  I want you to have a wardrobe space that is remarkably easy to get dressed from, and it really does help to have another set of eyes on the changes you want to make BEFORE you make them.

My weight has fluctuated too much.  I have to wait till I lose weight.  In reality, it’s much more profitable to figure out how to wear the clothes that fit you right now AND make them look amazing, which can give incentive to lose weight, if necessary.  Dressing the body you have now means that you are not wasting time living in the past or the future, but enjoying your style now – in the present where it matters.  There are strategies for dressing at the weight you are now, while continuing to lose weight and at the same time not investing a fortune in a new wardrobe.

I’m really just into comfortable clothing and that’s all that matters.  I think it’s imperative that our clothing be comfortable.  Comfortable simply means that our clothing fits and has some ease to it so we can move.  Looking stylish and comfortable is entirely possible, plausible and makes you feel amazing all at the same time.  Comfort and style really can go together.


Pantone released their color of the year a couple months ago, and we are seeing it in high fashion, but not quite yet in the stores.  It’s called Radiant Orchid and it’s a “harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones” that will make it’s way into visual design in the next few months.  From interior design to graphic design to fashion, Pantone’s colors appear one way or another.  But, color is only one element of design, and the trends for Spring cover all the elements.  For example, the two biggest trends appearing on the scene are with texture (or fabric) and pattern.  Here is a look element by element:


Line: the lines of clothing for Spring are still quite flowy (think 80s bohemian but with more updated style), but the prints are anything but.  If you love artistic clothing, now is the time to stock up.  From tribal prints which have not gone out of style for quite awhile now, to more abstract prints in large detail on tops and bottoms, the line of the garment and the line of the design are in full swing.  And stripes are here to stay in many forms.


Shape:  again, clothing shape is anything but boxy, with the exception of men’s shirting being worn by women.  The angles of the collar and set-in sleeves portray a rectangle feel, but the button-downs are being worn open or belted, keeping the shape more flowy.  Another place where we are seeing texture is with pleats.  Placed correctly on the garment this can give the ease one might need.  Ill placed it just adds weight.

Also taking shape to a new level are pants look like workout wear.  They taper at the ankle and are often elasticized, but the fabrics are mixed.  This is a difficult shape for many women because it emphasizes the hip area, but if you can wear it, terrific!  The other shape you will see over and over again is fringe and the movement it creates on many different garments.

Vince Camuto                       Veronica Beard

Color:  well, it is nice to see pink emerge in different forms from sweet blushing pinks to more coral colors, as it brightens up the prospect of Spring.  Navy is still in style, as are most blues, and a fair amount of beige, and there is an abundance of metallic shades in clothing and accessories (especially nail art) as well as white.  White suits, white pants (in every length), and white dresses are already available in the stores.bbf8858277e117f83efd6d666fb35247

Texture: The other place is in fur and faux fur, which interestingly enough is still here for Spring.  As mentioned before, embellishment on garments has not left the scene, and no type of fabric seems exempt from sparkle.  Texture is another word for fabric, and the texture for Spring is sheer.  The good news is that layering over the sheer fabrics keeps us comfortably covered!

Newsletter1-9-14GEileen Fisher

Pattern:  I’d love to say there is an abundance of great patterns out there, but it wouldn’t be true.  There are quite a few patterns, and if you love abstracts or art prints, this Spring and Summer may be the time to stock up.  And, florals are and still will be available, especially in dresses and pants.  Every kind of pattern will embellish our pants for Spring, so get ready because some are arriving in the stores with paint already splattered on them!

Newsletter1-9-14EJason Wu

If one of these design trends fits your personal style, then be on the lookout at your favorite stores for the design of your liking.  And one last hint:  coats and jackets are on sale RIGHT NOW!  If you want to grab one for this year or next, now is the time. Newsletter1-9-14A

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