What Does She Want Me to Wear?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up in the morning and feel 100% supported by your closet and your wardrobe?

Does your husband or significant other want the same thing? Is it quicker and easier for him to get dressed, but sometimes he says things like:

  • How do I get that feeling of confidence I see other men have?
  • What do I wear to this event with my wife? She looks amazing, and I want to too!
  • How do I get clothes that fit?
  • What colors should I be wearing that make me look powerful, sexy, authentic?
  • How do I spend the least, but get the most for my clothing purchases?

This month I released my Mark of Style for Men, and I think it’s the simplest, easiest solution to finding a personal style that works on a daily basis. You can find the details here.

Here is my #1 tip to turn things around!

Line up all his shirts by sleeve length, starting with sleeveless on the left and move to long sleeve on the right.

This simple action step will clear away some of the cobwebs of an overstuffed or unorganized closet. Then find one solid color that is missing from the lineup of shirts.

My recommendation is to examine the solids and realize what is missing.

THEN — head to the department store (Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstrom, Stein Mart, Kohl’s etc.) and find one — just one shirt in a new color (go here for my recommended colors) he has never worn — white does not count; and wear it OUT for an entire day.

This can be to work, or to a social, and wear it for more than a couple of hours. Just try it!!

Watch the response. Take in the response. Note how you feel and what people are saying.

Just this one change in your wardrobe — paying attention to this one design element in your clothing — makes a huge difference.

And that is not the only difference you can make.

In my Mark of Style for Men course, I organized 10+ ways to change up your wardrobe to a more powerful, authentic place. We will examine your values around dressing, the lines and shapes of your clothing, the fabrics and patterns, the fit, the color, the style and more.

In this online course, it could not be easier. Seven modules of information, many pdf’s and guides to clothing tips and one FREE style session with me is included in the course AND a virtual closet of clothes to choose from.

The cost is $199 for the entire course AND a complimentary style session of your own.

Go here to explore your options.

Mark of Style for Men

Mark of Style for Men

Mark of Style for Men

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