What About Today?

There is a lot of talk today about being present and being mindful.

But what does that mean in our closet?

How do we look at, perhaps, an entire section of our clothing that does not fit us and think anything good in the present moment? Especially when those clothes used to fit us, were stylish at one point (or still may be), and we spent our hard-earned money on them.

From my work with people, women in particular, I have found that the guilt, overwhelm and frustration surrounding clothing that doesn’t fit is a hurdle to the possibility that dressing could get easier. Whether they have sectioned off the clothing that doesn’t fit or simply have it piecemeal in their closet, the fact is they have to face it.

When we allow ourselves to live in the frustration momentarily, we can, in the next moment, let go of it and focus on the solution. 

Just as every closet needs to be purged in some form, so do the negative feelings, resentments and old ways of thinking. And it is then that I say to my clients:

What about today?” And, “How can we put a wardrobe and outfits together today?”

This does not mean I am derailing their diet plans, but rather focusing on the fact that any attention to the body they had or may have in the future does not put them one iota closer to styling an outfit or organizing their closet. It is only the moment that I want them to think about.

I call this experience going from victim to victory, because suddenly it becomes apparent that they have to dress the body they have today. And “What about today?” wakes us up and brings us back to the right questions.

Such as:

  • Does this piece suit the lifestyle I have right now? Have I changed jobs and the dress code I presently work in is different than previous jobs?
  • Did I buy this because it was on sale, and I thought I would fit into it at some point (not the present moment!)?
  • Did someone I know or love talk me into this piece? Would it look better on them than me? Should I send it to them now?
  • Is this piece really my style? Do I love it? Do I think it’s beautiful on my body now – today?

The answer to these questions can help you decide, “What about today?” You can have a beautiful, pared-down wardrobe that fits you today, to wear today.

You don’t need too many pieces, maybe 8-12 at the most.

That wardrobe you create today will make you feel and act confident. That confidence may be just what you need to gain or lose weight, to eat more healthfully, to start that exercise class or walk with a friend, or simply be more mindful of each piece of clothing you put on your body.

The good news?

Maybe you can be happy with the body you have right now – in this present moment. Maybe you can look at it and thank her for being strong, being well, carrying your children, and simply being beautiful by being.

The next time you want to to look at yourself in the past or project what you will look like in the future, ask yourself, “What about today?”

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