Wear It Well

a Virtual Workshop

 integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body 

You love your work. It lights up your soul.
But getting dressed for it? That’s another story.

How many times do you look in the mirror each day, searching for confirmation that you meet

an impossible standard — one that doesn’t come close to reflecting who you truly are, let

alone your values? When you steal a glimpse in the rearview mirror, or see yourself in a Zoom

meeting, who are you looking for? And who are you aiming to please?

For most women, this is the habit of a lifetime. Chances are that you can’t remember when you started, or if anyone specifically told you to do this. And yet you can’t pass a mirror without sneaking a peek.

The question is, who or what are you looking for, when you look in those mirrors?

Perhaps you’re looking for the image you want to present to society — an image that communicates your role and goals. Chances are, you’re also comparing yourself against the ocean of messages and images designed to make you feel insecure and insufficient about your image.

From long experience, we all know that how we dress and carry ourselves matters. But we also know that we can’t win the game of constant comparison, and that integrity counts for more than first impressions over the long haul.

The truth is, we are all created to reflect the image of God.  And we do so in spite of our chosen adornments of roles and goals — and clothes.

But deep down inside we all instinctively know that who we are is richer and more nuanced

than the standard-issue culturally driven uniforms that keep us safe, but uncomfortably

misaligned and sadly hidden.

That’s why we’re building a community of women who want to get back in touch with their inner beauty. Women who want to look in the mirror and see a self to be proud of and a self that has purpose for work that matters. Women who want to look good, too — but who understand that clothing and carriage are merely outer expressions that earn us the opportunity to show off who we are inside.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and comparing your image of yourself to your image of what society wants, we’d love to have you join us.

If something about these words resonate with you, read on to find out more on the Wear It Well Workshop...

Consider for a moment waking up rejuvenated. Upon getting dressed, you notice the fabric brush against your skin like a playful summer breeze, clothing so aligned with who you know yourself to be, it almost sings the song of your inner light.  

With your footsteps barely touching down, you have to check to be sure the ground is still there. You walk out the front door and maybe for the first time, confidence simply radiates from within.

Others treat you with respect and consideration, recognizing your undeniable value and the treasures you offer simply by being. And all this before you’ve spoken even one whisper of a word.

Close The Gap Between Who You Are

and How You Show Up In The World

We make first impressions within five seconds of meeting. How you show up in your life matters profoundly. You can be known and understood, seen and valued — or forgotten almost entirely.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take every opportunity to be fully and completely yourself AND to be noticed and valued for that?

Realizing the power of image and impression, many people study and follow celebrity style or fashion trends. But, somehow you know that the real answer lies within you, held within the very fabric of your being, created in the image of God.

Maybe it’s time to stop chasing the fashion trend, the diet fad, the marketing strategy and connect to something far more reliable and way less exhausting.

Step Into Your Originality

Academy award-winner, Edith Head tells us that “People with great potential are overlooked for growth opportunities because they don’t look, smell, or sound like a million bucks.

You’re not worth a million bucks. You’re worth INFINITELY MORE.

And let’s be honest: you can spend a million bucks on clothes but still not look it if you don’t know and show your true worth.

Deep down, you know and we know that you are crazy fabulous. You might not need new clothing in order to show up as your best self. More likely, you need to reconnect with your best self in order to show up as you wish to be seen — in your clothing, life, and work.

Wear It Well is your opportunity to re-ground yourself in your inner beauty. We’ll talk about what to wear, but not from any trend-following perspective. Instead, we’ll start with deeper questions, such as:

  • Who am I created to be?
  • How do I care for myself so I can feel amazing AND give to others?
  • Who am I and what strengths can I offer?
  • How do I close that gap between who I am and how I show up in the world?

Let’s explore these and so much more together in a small group setting limited to 8 women

We'll meet virtually to discuss and decode how best to dress your best self, choose your food with intention, connect to your body, and strengthen your intuition in all three areas.

Your personality, your values, your God-given attributes are the only way to show up and be believed, be confident, and be yourself.

It’s time for the REAL you to shine!

This Goes Way Beyond Clothes

4 Weeks

4 Days

4 Ways

Grab a cup of tea or your favorite drink and cozy up with us for four powerful times to learn, laugh and connect.

Indulge in closing the door to the chaos, setting down the to-do list and settling into the spaciousness of your soul. 

Explore the idea that an authentic image allows you to move from a place of striving for something that is not you to a place of self-acceptance and appreciation for who you already are — and then allowing the guidance of the Spirit to move you forward to that which is best for you.

Spirit + Body + Mind = YOU

Imagine FOUR restorative times spent in the company of women like you who are ready to cheer you on in your journey. And learn insights from three incredible women who have guided countless others on the path toward wholeness.

Kathleen Audet - Your Authentic Image
How can fashion and spirituality work together to create your authentic image? There must be a re-enchantment - a wonder -- at the body you have been given to dress.  And my philosophy is that the story you want to tell the world emerges at the awakening or stirring of something so deep, you are compelled to suspend your false beliefs and perceptions about yourself, and move to a more whole place.

I have helped hundreds of women learn how to use their clothing to sustain the idea that we are made for something more; for doing work that matters; and that how we use language affects the way we are capable of seeing the world and ourselves. My work is grounded in art, color, design, and pedagogy. In this workshop, we will add a spiritual perspective to help you see that your best outer image is simply a reflection of your given inner beauty, and this framework allows for all of you to be seen, heard and known. This is a knowing like no other, because it is knowledge of a reality like no other.

Kristen Gilster - Body Image & Cycle Space
Kristen is a certified integrative nutrition health coach who specializes in helping women understand hormonal health and overall wellbeing. Her work focuses on making diet and lifestyle choices that help women feel their best: rested, nourished, and focused. In this workshop she will guide you toward a healthier body image -- and a healthier body, which is crucial for getting dressed.

Learn + Share + Support

Wear it Well is for you if...

  • You long to integrate who you are with how the world sees you.

  • You sense a call to find heart answers to head questions.

  • You feel frustrated with your wardrobe and don’t enjoy getting dressed.

  • You dream of a relationship with your body that begins with celebration.

  • You’re done with quick fixes and 5-minute style blogs and ready to make lasting changes.

What participants are saying...

"It’s been nice to set aside time and focus on myself. I am taking away the realization for the need to help myself in order to help others and identifying my strengths will help me focus better on what God has next for me."  Audrey

"It’s difficult to talk about image. I was concerned my “issues” were unique, but I would say that no matter what place you are coming from, it was beneficial to have a place to share my voice, experiences and struggles. It’s also so nice to have a group that understands and can be so supportive and helpful." Melissa

"I can now be ready and available at a moments notice. This course wasn’t just about getting dressed (I knew that was my first step out of frump land) but it was about regaining my identity and the authentic image I had been neglecting."  Cassie

"I would recommend Wear It Well because the women facilitating it are caring, empathetic, and well knowledged. They are women who have been where I am and have transformed the way they take themselves out into the world."  Shauna

"You will learn about how you already express yourself in life and how others see you, as well as recognize what others see and your confidence will grow because of it.  And then, thinking about what to wear is so much easier."  Ann

"I am ready to be seen. I no longer feel that I have to become anything "more" before I dress myself to be seen in a way that is true to me, and I really enjoyed the judgement free, come-as-you-are group setting"  Sarah

I did not expect to get as much as I did from your workshop. The things I learned about myself and the impact my first impression has, will stay with me.  Bonnie

Once in a Lifetime Ever

Unity, Harmony, Truth

If you choose to take advantage of this unique opportunity (only available here), you’ll be guided in a life-changing process of listening within and gifted with simple but profound tools you can start using the moment our calls end.

And, since you can’t make this kind of change by yourself or in a large and impersonal group, there are only eight spots available in this workshop.

In this intimate setting, you’ll see and be seen — not as a reflection in the shifting mirror of fashion trends, but in the radiance of your God-given inner light.

Are you ready to connect your idea of how you’re seen with the woman of worth you know yourself to be?

5 massively transformational weeks with 2 experts.

Ready to invest in your thriving and unearth lasting impact?

There will never be another you, ever.

You have been entrusted with an endlessly unique manifestation of the Divine. Don’t allow yourself to risk squandering it. There is a space in this world that has been waiting for you to fill it.

Everyone and everything you care about thrives best when you thrive. (After all, you can’t give of yourself if you’re already empty.)

It’s time to enter into the fullness of who you were created to be.

What's Included

4 Live Group Calls


The ability to see yourself more clearly allows you to birth a new story of creativity and curiosity first in the mirror and then in your closet. Join us to set a new scene in your wardrobe narrative. 

The Wear It Well Platform Of Resources

You’ll be given access to invaluable materials tailored to help you identify, clarify, and take action on your signature style and getting dressed authentically.

Private Discussion Group

Share your ideas, get feedback and ask for advice any time in this exclusive online group created for you and the women in this cohort.

program Details

Wear It Well meets via Zoom video conferencing on Tuesdays at 11:30 am Central Time for 60-90 minutes. We start and end on time. The next Workshop starts on January 12, 2021:

Tuesday,  January 12, 2021

We are in the workshop to create art — YOU. It’s a mindset shift, and a change in how we view ourselves and others. You are special, you are created in the imago dei — artfully. The design has been created — and we are it! Now, let’s learn what and who that is, and to dress that creation.  It’s a discovery and integration process using style words and the beauty of language to discover and revel in the real you, so that you can get dressed and get to doing work that matters.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kristen knows that how you feel ABOUT your body impacts how you feel IN your body. In this workshop session we'll experiment with different practices of listening to the body as we create space to connect in deep and restorative ways. We'll also explore some unexpected forms of nourishment that will support a fuller integration of body, mind, and spirit, ultimately leading to a more authentic YOU - inside and out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In this session we will look specifically at your personal Style Words and how they integrate with your clothing choices.  It's time to see yourself accurately and as the best version you want to present to the world. The Style Words can now translate into the design elements in your clothing choices. The accompanying wardrobe exercises will solidify this connection in a powerful and positive way.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Now is the time to put the three previous weeks into action with understanding, guides, assignments, and motivation for transformation in a safe space. This is just the beginning of learning how to identify your signature style, create an outfit and shop your closet.  By starting the process from the inside, the outside becomes creative fuel for trusting your inner wardrobe choices.

Bonus Follow Up Call - February 9, 2021

Extras, freebies and a puppy! We designate this as a bonus call because each workshop is tailored to the present participants' needs. This specific call is meant to solidify your clothing choices and help you create a wardrobe that tells your story. We will examine the specific needs of your wardrobe journey -- anything and everything from style to color to fit to accessories to where to shop and much more. 

Create Lasting Relationships 

Share yourself and your business with other professional women and business owners.

It’s time to unpack your stories about image, learn how to listen to your body, connect to your mind and live the life you were made for!

                     Let’s Connect and Grow Together               

$350 includes all 5 weeks of our time together in an intimate and judgment-free space. Pay all at once or over 3 months.

Feel & Give Your Very Best

The way we care for ourselves in spirit, mind, and body is directly related to the quality and, in many cases, the length of our lives.

It’s time to put YOU first, so this planet benefits from your existence as long as possible. You’ve got so much waiting to be unlocked inside you.

You create beauty all around you through your work and your love. Make the most out of this one life. There is no better time to say “yes” to that call from within than now.

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