Wardrobe Strategies For The New Year

  1. Rule of one – When it comes to dressing well, think less is more. The rule of one is that you want to have one dominant focal point when creating an outfit, and every other accessory or piece should be subordinate. When you have many accessories for one outfit, go ahead and put them on. Then take at least one OFF. If you are wearing one accessory that is larger than all the rest, that is where the eye will go, AS LONG AS the rest of the accessories are smaller and subordinate to the one largest item. Another way to approach this is to close your eyes and when you open them, see where your eye is drawn. If you are wearing too many items, your eye will scatter (as in the photo on the right). If you have one dominant focal point, the look is more harmonious (as in photo on the left).



  1. Basics — Almost every single closet I enter needs basics. They are the building blocks of a fabulous wardrobe, and they can be hard to find. But, they are worth the hunt. Basics are not classics. They are pieces of clothing that appear rather plain – no pattern or detailing, but lend themselves to be layered with more exciting pieces. If you are trying to make an outfit work, and just can’t figure out how to do it – think basic. Look for a well-made top or bottom in one color that accents what you already own, and voila, a brand new outfit for tomorrow.


  2. Color – Color is one of the most demanding elements used to design a wardrobe. What I mean by that is we are greatly influenced by color. It demands our attention. We may not remember the name of someone we met at a party, but we often remember what color they were wearing. Not only can you use color to be memorable, but you can also use it to keep the blues at bay, bring excitement to your day, or impress at an interview. Of course, perception plays a big part in color, but research shows that color has a great impact in a variety of ways. Try wearing red the next time you want to perform better athletically. Try wearing green when you have to take a test or interview for a new job. Paint your office wall blue to be more productive. In your closet, try putting pieces together with different color schemes you had not thought of. Here is a sample of some colors I put together for a client and some upcoming combinations for 2015. Now step into your closet and try some of your own.



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