Want to Completely Transform Your Image in Three Days? 

VIP Intensives

Kathleen offers 1, 2, and 3 day VIP Intensives where all her focus is on YOU, your wardrobe, and your style transformation!

You may currently have very little feel for what your personal style is. Or you may have had a personal style that you liked, or even loved, but you’ve lost touch with it over the years.

You may feel connected with and like your personal style, but desire (and need) to go deeper in order to bring your wardrobe more in alignment with who you are at this particular point in your life.

If you identify closely with 2-3 (or more) of the points below, A VIP Intensive experience may be right for you:

  • You have a big event, life change or job change on the calendar and you need and desire to “look the part.”
  • You want to create a wardrobe that flatters you and brings you joy within a compressed focused time frame.
  • You thrive in a VIP setting and know that the intensity and focus of 1, 2 or 3 days with Kathleen will give you the momentum you need to create a modern, relevant and authentic wardrobe filled with pieces you love.
  • You are super busy all the time, hate to shop, AND can reserve one to three days to devote to upgrading your image.
  • You need a streamlined look that is super easy to wear.

You need to create a new wardrobe FAST, during a dedicated period of time you block out on your calendar and give your full attention to get. it. done.

My VIP intensives condenses months of style, image and wardrobe design into three days, during which my sole focus is on YOU. The program is 100% customized and includes any or all of the following:

  • Personal and professional image management and goal setting
  • Personal style analysis
  • Personalized color analysis
  • Personalized fit session
  • Hair and makeup appointments, if needed
  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Shopping both in town and virtually
  • Online virtual closet to be used for all future shopping
  • Four, 1-hour, follow up sessions via Skype
  • Unlimited email and texting support for six months
  • Invaluable resources and information for take-home
  • All meals in the studio and while out shopping

Schedule your VIP Intensive around travel, meetings, or other work or personal commitments. You’ll leave Reno looking and feeling your best – and with a full season’s wardrobe, accessories, and other items in your suitcase.

“I’m a busy woman who  . . .”

  • Hates to shop
  • Is making a career transition and need to “look the part”
  • Needs a super streamlined look that must be super easy to wear

Does one or all of these sound like you? Then this option will serve you best!

I’ve supported hundreds of vibrant, successful busy women who, like you, need to look your best.

But your wardrobe is pieced together more by default than design (and it shows). And that is no longer acceptable.

Whether an outer circumstance (a promotion, new level of visibility as a business owner, divorce, post-pregnancy, recovery from an illness) or inner epiphany is driving the need for change, together we will design a wardrobe and create a signature style for you that:

  • Fully supports your life and lifestyle
  • Is modern, relevant and authentic
  • Contains nothing but pieces you love

Here Is A Bit More Detail About the Work
You & Kathleen Will Be Doing Together


Personalized to you, this session allows us to find the perfect colors and techniques for a natural look. This session can be used for shopping.

Hairstyle Evaluation with Professional

A trip to the salon and a 30-minute hair evaluation to learn face shape, how your hair fiber responds to weather, washing, styling and more.

Shopping Plan

Once your closet is consistent and harmonious with your personal style, then we create a shopping list of those pieces most useful and needed.

Color Analysis

With thousands of colors to choose from, we’ll select from harmonies in your own coloring, including hair, eyes, cheek and colors you love; you’ll receive all of YOUR colors in an easy-to-use fan to shop and design with.

Artistic Photo Shoot

To capture your inner and outer beauty in an inventive and stylish manner, my professional photographer will take both head and full body shots with three wardrobe changes. 20 images are yours to keep and use in any way you wish.

Fit and Fashion Session

Learn to dress the body you’re living in now – today! Having your clothes fit means you are perceived as smart, savvy and perceptive. With small tweaks in your current wardrobe and ideas and tips for your specific body type, you will see the results a well-fitted garment in just days.

Closet Cleanout and Re-organization plus Wardrobe Evaluation

We evaluate what you have, discard anything not functioning for you, and decide what to buy to make your wardrobe as versatile, economical and beautiful as possible. Once you know the ways to organize your closet so that you can control the outfit selection and make it seamless and fun — your morning routine is never the same. We will also find all the ways to repurpose, redefine and re-establish your current clothing pieces.

Personal Shopping

Here is where we spend time together in stores in the area — or virtually via Zoom and your Virtual Closet. The goal is to find pieces that fill the gap in your wardrobe. By shopping for specific pieces, we can create outfits and eliminate those “orphans” that oftentimes leave us with too many clothes and not enough ensembles. The goal is to create unity: “the state of forming a complete and pleasing whole,” which is exactly what we’ll do together when we create your wardrobe.

Personal Image Profile / Personal Style Analysis

We determine your personal style that is authentically YOU at the deepest level. Your inner and outer beauty, style and image — revealed! This will occur with the combination of knowing what is in your closet presently, and what personality needs to be added to your wardrobe to help you be you from the inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I don’t live in Reno?”

“What will the accommodations be like?”

“Will I need to rent a car?”

“What should my clothes budget be?”

“What if I have questions after the three days are over?”

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