Up Your Bravery Needle

“I’m not brave enough to wear something like that.”

“Well, if not now at your very creative job, then when?” I lovingly asked, Krysta Lovan, a stylist and manager at Caliber Salon in Reno, Nevada.

She was commenting on the boots I wore that day, which in the real sense of the word “brave” may not apply.The key was that I had found the boots and loved the style, the fit, and the color, but mostly the style. Not quite the model of a modern major general at war, but bravery nonetheless.

And in my conversations with Krysta, we decided to work together to up her bravery needle in the direction of more color, more style and more HER!

So over the next 3 weeks, we are going to watch Krysta become more brave with her clothes and accessories.

Here she is looking very pretty at Caliber – mostly in black because that is what she owns. This color is good for work in one way because she handles hair color, shampoo and lots of water. But I want to help her find clothes that reflect who she is AND that bring out her more plucky, spirited and beautiful side.

Do you need to up your bravery needle when it comes to your wardrobe?

I give you permission to at least think about it and watch how we add some vibrancy, fun and lots of easy-to-wear pieces to Krysta’s wardrobe. Stay tuned.


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