Unity, Harmony and Truth – Your Authentic Image

So why is it significant to have Unity, Harmony and Truth as part of your statement? Well, if you are looking to create an authentic image – one that reflects who you are, the language that you speak, and the image that you present – then these three words NEED to be a part of the vocabulary of getting dressed.

Unity means “a combination or ordering of parts in a literary or artistic production that constitutes a whole or promotes an undivided total effect. Also the resulting singleness of symmetry and consistency of style”. In other words, all the parts and pieces of your outfit coming together to form one mood and message.

Harmony – “the pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts. Also the combination of simultaneous musical notes in a chord”. We know how beautiful music sounds especially when arranged in a combination that makes our heart sing, and it’s no different when you arrange the parts of clothing to make a pleasing composition on YOU!

Truth: “sincerity in action, character and utterance” from the Old English treowe meaning “faithful” and Sanskrit meaning hard wood, generally an oak (more on this later!). What if we could get dressed each day with joy and really worry less about what we are wearing and live more for who we are – truthfully? When you connect the inside you with the outside – clothes, you begin to speak your truth, and your image becomes a resource to support the real you.

What does all of this have to do with image and dress and fashion? Well, so many of the decisions we make when buying clothes come from accumulated verdicts – opinions about why and how we should dress. What if you want to change those pronouncements and create a presence that links a more authentic you to the outside you? What if you open your closet door and your clothes are arranged so that you as the artist can dress the canvas that is you? Then you will be able to combine the parts and pieces of clothing to make a congruent and unifying arrangement. An outfit you love all day and will choose again, perhaps in a different combination. And, if you were faithful to yourself when you were buying the items in your wardrobe, then each one will have a sincere voice, a truthful speech, and your reflection will utter “it’s so me”! Wow. Unity, Harmony and Truth — in your closet. Now you can get up, get dressed and get on with your day — in unity, harmony and truth!

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