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Here you are daydreaming about a closet of clothes that you love and that you can pull an outfit from right now.

An ensemble that excites you and makes you want an event to go to, or tomorrow’s work is a place you really can’t wait to get to.

Well, let’s get to work on making that happen.

white womens clothing hanging side view vertical

white womens clothing hanging side view vertical

As it sinks in that you could look and feel beautiful in your clothes, let’s take a quick scan of your closet?

  • Can you see all of your clothes?
  • Can you see your shoes, your scarves, your jewelry?

If not, then let’s do nothing more than put some like with like. Not a closet overhaul in any way, but just gathering the family members together.

For example, put all the pants in one area. All the tops in another, all the skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, shoes with shoes, you get the picture.

My suggestion for you is to simply put like with like.

To organize your clothes into sections. Sections of pants, tops by sleeve length, dresses, jeans all together, shoes in one place, any outdoor jackets out of the closet if possible, workout clothes together, undergarments in one place.

Don’t worry about making everything neat and organized. Don’t take ANYTHING out just yet. But do get the items sorted in like with like. Because your next step is to sit back in a chair and stare.

Just look at what you have. And ask yourself:

  • What catches my eye?
  • Are there duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate of any one thing?
  • Are there patterns that repeat themselves in 10 different items?
  • Is there a sea of black?
  • Are most of my clothes solid colors or patterns?

Is there a theme? Can you see some patterns in your choices?

By identifying what design elements you already own, you may be able to find examples of an emerging style.

Now try asking yourself: “what do I hate in here?”

But be specific as to the design details with questions such as: Is there one piece I bought but never wear? Why? Is it the shape, the color, the pattern, the fabric?

I have 5 white button down shirts, and I only wear one of them, what is it about the other 4 that make you NOT want to wear them? The shape? The feel of the fabric against your skin? The buttons are difficult? What is it?

Ask yourself: did I buy the majority of these items, or were they chosen for me?

If by someone else, then what is your attachment to them? If you hate or don’t wear this piece of clothing, is the relationship with it and the person keeping you stuck? Or keeping the piece stuck in your closet?

kath2Sometimes I recommend my clients start a journal for this process or if you already keep one, don’t hesitate to grab those critical observations and feelings that are being unearthed and write them down.

What you are accomplishing here is important.

It may seem frivolous to organize without editing, but our vision and view of what we own can give us great cues and clues to who we are and that inevitable signature style that we have been searching for.

Our clothes and and the image we put out into the world is one of the most important places we can ask relevant questions.

Here we have a place of discovery. As we dress and move in the world, we can discover who we are — what works, what doesn’t and why. If our work is a reflection of who we are then that must also be reflected in our clothing.

Your wardrobe has a theme — a signature — your purpose is to find that.

So till next time, please write down as much as you can about what you see. Love, hate or indifference. And next time, we will edit and reveal where to go from here.

Until then, if you have questions on how to allow the unearthing to happen, just ask. We answer.



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