Turquoise Noise

I am so happy — elated — to see green hues in the stores, because if I have to draw near to a favorite color, green would win. Green is the color of growth, the color of renewal and restoration.  Even though we are coming upon winter and the clear, icy colors of that season, green is a color you can use as a sanctuary away from stress and towards well-being.  Green is a color of relaxation.  Greens also pull from both the warm, yellow undertones and the blue, cool undertones, making the variety of color pleasing on many skin tones. And at least one or two greens have the ability to look really well on most people:  teal and turquoise.  And what do they look like?  Well, a nice blueish greenish peacock color — if you can imagine that, and a blue/green turquoise (like the stone) color.  Depending on your computer monitor, you may or may not see this color correctly, but here goes:

For some people this color will be too dark.  If you have light hair, light eyes, light skin — light, light, light – then consider going with more of a turqoise.  This color is everywhere in the stores, particularly in jewelry — and though some of the stones are not genuine, they appear as such, making turquoise affordable as well as beautiful.
What does this mean for clothing?  Well, here are some of the current styles available in these colors.  Consider wearing them for your Thanksgiving and holiday outfits to promote peace and to build bridges.  The entire collection of clothes curated for this post are here.  Enjoy your pre-black Friday shopping, and let’s make some noise for turquoise and every green that looks fabulous on you.

Color demands our attention — and it can be one of the most fun and rewarding avenues to walk down if you are consistently running with black in your wardrobe.  I encourage you to try one of these greens this season. If you have any questions about color for your wardrobe, please ask.  I’ll be glad to answer.  

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