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As the writers from The Fashion Group Foundation say, “Hit the refresh button for the 70s”, and if the 70s is not the decade you love, you have choices because the designers have styled the decade with a 2015 freshness.

To help you find a trend you might want to mix into your wardrobe or use as a staple, check out the runway fashions on the left, and then a similar style from your local store on the right.

There were many looks strutting the runways of Fashion Week, but I am going to focus on just 6 of them. See if you can find your personal style in these new trends. Pick just 1 or 2 to add to your Spring and Summer wardrobe, and then wear with abandon.


Stripes – not that stripes ever really go out of style, but this year, they are in and in bold dimensions and angles. 

  • Florals – from very large (too large in some cases) to small and dainty, florals are everywhere, as they should be for Spring. 
  • Gingham – if you love refined plaid, then this pattern is for you. A 70s staple, gingham is a print that lasts forever.


  • Black & White – more black than white this spring, but you can choose to buy white and brighten your season, especially in dresses.
  • Blush – not always the easiest color to wear, the nude and soft colors of spring are easily available and wearable, especially for light skin tones.
  • Greens – from army green to greyed green to olive, just the fact that green is back in style is fabulous, especially for those of us with green eyes. Find your perfect green this season.


  • Denim – thankfully we will never be without denim. And in every wash and hue! Plus we will now see denim overalls. Never a fabulous look for work, the overalls can have the look of a jumpsuit or simply a two-piece suit, giving it great versatility.  

  • Lace – from embroidered to bobbin to crocheted to knitted to handmade, lace is everywhere and in every form. Check out this beautiful lace top from Bar III on the right.

For complete details (and the ability to order), click on the Your Authentic Image Catalog below to access your 2015 style.

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