Tip Tuesday

Sometimes trusting our clothing choices is the result of one or two tips we receive in a moment.  And let’s be honest, sometimes all we have is a moment, especially in the morning when we get dressed. These tips are about money saving, time saving ways to make getting dressed easier and faster, and to spark ideas for your own wardrobe. Many of the subjects of clothing and fashion and “essentializing” which is shrinking your closet to expand your wardrobe are what I love and am focused on.

Doing more with less! Less clothes, but more outfits.

Organization that streamlines your effort. Articles that spur lasting change. Don’t let a week go by without checking on the tips and tutorials found here, and you just might make your mornings more enjoyable, easier and end up with a plethora of positive comments from your colleagues all work day long! For more specifics on the items from all the boards, check out this virtual closet.

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