The Unrivaled Beauty Of Simplicity

Let’s face it. Simplicity can be complex. No one person’s idea of simplicity may look like another’s, so I have come to realize that simplicity comes to us as a desire for something beyond the simple, and at the same time, we are required by its nature to do something. We can’t just sit and wait for simplicity to happen, but when we have it in our lives, we can definitely relax a bit more.

Many times I say to people that I help align their inner and outer image. We must have both in order to feel congruent. This is simple but not always easy. Simplicity does not necessarily equate to simplistic. It’s more complex but so much better. And simpler! Especially if it’s in your closet. There are lots of ways to simplify your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it. Living simpler and with less is a paradigm shift, especially if you hear what my clients sometimes say, “I’ll have nothing to wear if I pare down”. So somewhere in this journey of simplicity is the inherent reality and trust that reaching for simplicity will indeed lead you toward the how-to. Trust that if we discard an item of clothing, we will not wake up wondering why we did that. Trust that there is an abundance of clothing available for us,and it doesn’t take millions or even thousands of dollars to look amazing. And trust that you are capable of learning how to put outfits together with less and look amazing. Here are three things to think about when it comes to your wardrobe and simplicity:

  1. INTENTIONAL. Your intention when entering your closet should be one of sufficiency, that you have enough clothes, even if you were to take some out. Never go into your closet to simplify it if you are tired, hungry, discouraged or just plain irritable. Heading in with a positive attitude – every morning as well – is imperative.
  2. DEPENDABLE. Your closet needs to be a dependable source for you to use as a resource. You are powerful, you have impact, and you want and need a wardrobe that works for you. One that is simple, but versatile and freshly styled to be there as an addition to your lifestyle and not one that takes from it.
  3. EXCITING. This can happen. You can have a wardrobe that is exciting for you. And very often this means less. Less patterns, less chaos, less mistakes. When you are staring at your closet and you can see everything in there, there is an excitement and a creative joy that can flow. Now you can mix and match. Now you can be the artist in the closet. Now you can get dressed.

Here is what one client had to say about creating a wardrobe and closet space that involves simplicity:

“One of the beautiful things about this process and working with Kathleen is that even though my closet is a little sparse right now until we finish shopping, now that we have culled out all of the pieces that either don’t fit properly, or are just not me – everything I see now when I walk into my closet are all pieces I can decide upon for the day, depending on weather and mood. Previously, I had so much unusable clutter, that there was a visual obstruction every time I wanted to select an outfit. My eyes would wander between this and that piece that I knew I couldn’t wear – so much so, that it was difficult to find the pieces I could. Even at this interim stage, there has been such a positive transformation in the way I view what I have available to me in my closet and the ease in which I can select it. Thank you so much again for introducing me to this new world!”

Even though this may seem like a quantum leap from your present experience, I assure you simplicity and ease of dressing can happen. When you embrace both the goodness and the limitations of clothing, you affirm your reach for simplicity. And it’s worth the grasp.

If you have thought about simplifying or even becoming a minimalist in your closet, I can help. Just email me here to start a conversation about what isn’t working for you right now.

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