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So much is happening this month, but I have to tell you a funny story.  Recently I showed up for a lunch date with a potential business colleague, and we stood just a few feet apart at the restaurant, not recognizing each other for about 10 minutes.  Why?  Because we had both looked at each other’s not-to-recent website photos, and well, you get the “picture”!!

We are still chuckling about that day.  However, since “authentic” is part of my business name, and I promote dressing the real you, I had to rethink airbrushing with my just-launched website.  While there are moments I long for the Adobe brush stroke of a deft computer artist, I decided to keep my meetings with new colleagues and clients real, and the photos on the website current.  All that to say, here is a look at the new website which is cleaner and faster and hopefully more helpful, fun and real.

ABC Fashion Night – Authentic Bold Confidence

Tied Up with Scarves

Please join me this Thursday, February 20, as I’ll be hosting a hands-on scarf workshop from 6:30 to 8:00pm at 541 West Second Street in Reno.  We will work with the scarves you bring, scarves I have, and scarves to sell.


Scarves can change the look of an outfit by making it seem more casual or more dressy AND it can pull together two unrelated separates with the use of color.  Plus there are more ways to wear a scarf than just around your neck.  Find out how:

  • Wearing a scarf is one of the easiest ways to add pizzazz and flair to any outfit. 

  • To keep both proportion and color in mind when purchasing.
  • To use a scarf to draw attention to or away from the body.

  • Ways to tie you might not have thought about.

February 20th FROM  6:00-7:30pm
541 West 2nd Street, Reno, NV  – orange door!

Special price – $20


Scarf tying.  Bring scarves, buy scarves, tie scarves.  Bring all of your scarf quandaries and style questions.  We will get to all of them, and we will offer a wide variety if you need to spice up your wardrobe.  Scarves are an amazing accessory to any wardrobe.

Next ABC Fashion night:  Accessories
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more

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