The Language of Self-Expression

One of the things I say frequently when I speak is “you cannot not communicate”. You are expressing who you are at a deep level without even opening your mouth. And it’s not just your clothes that say who you are, but your body language and your grooming. These three elements communicate YOU and speak a language of self-expression. The question to ask is:

Is your look accurate?
Is your look authentic?
Is your look YOU?
From my perspective, it’s worth asking these questions because fashion (yours in particular) deserves a place in your life as much as other habits and routines. After all, you do need to get dressed at some point if you leave the house, right? And, the best part is…it can be fun. It can be joyous.

Finding your own personal style is a journey worth pursuing. And the starting point is you and your relationship to, well, yourself! If that seems strange, it’s not. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else and using that as the standard by which you judge yourself, why not try using YOU as the standard!

Then measuring up to someone means you are spending your money and time on you, and the result is ease of dressing, joy in your closet, more time for life and something better than safe. It’s OK to participate in choosing your own personal style. In fact, it’s best that way.

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