The E. S.* of Dresses and Purses

Just a quick shout out to two of my favorite trends this season. The first is the wrap dress. While more of a classic style than a trend, as it was invented in 1974 by Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress it has made its way back into the fashion magazines this season.

Wearing a dress means not having to think too hard getting dressed in the morning. It makes a great “go-to outfit” because you are choosing one piece instead of two or three. Here are three styles of the wrap dress that flatters most figures:


The E.S. of purses — they are a necessary accessory, and there are so many choices. And because I am often on the run and working in different locations, I always look for the most practical AND beautiful purse I can find. There is a purse (I am often affectionately teased when I sometimes refer to them as a pocketbook, a term used more frequently on the East Coast), that is in style now where the zipper extends past the straps creating an odd aesthetic. But I love it. Shown here are two styles in the opposite price range. The designer bag is at a designer cost in the thousands and the yellow Target bag is $34.99. And, I had to note the trend this fall of a belted bag. Not exactly the “fanny pack” of the 90s but close!


*And the E.S.? “Extra Specialness”!

(Your wardrobe as you have never seen it!)

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More on Dress for Success

Since I see businesses and clients paying more attention to their dress at work, I am continuing the conversation with a little history of the term.

The “dress for success” term, however, addresses the outside – the clothes without their relationship to us. The term dress for success originates from the book of the same name by John T. Molloy. He first published the book in 1975, because in the 15-20 years prior very little was written about dress in the workplace (think turbulent 60s and anti-establishment). The title became a catchphrase we use today, and while well received in general, some thought the book a bit too rigid and hollow because it did not address the very real connection between our clothes and our selves – how we think and feel in them.

The challenge in the decade after the book was summarized in Levi Strauss’s proclamation that “the most significant apparel trend of the Century” was denim. The ubiquitous presence of jeans (I love them, too) helped introduce term “business casual” making it sometimes impossible to discern what to wear to work (and other places as well). We would all like to think that we assess people on more than just their dress, but the fact is, clothing does matter. First impressions are more significant than you think, and by empowering yourself with information on what works, what doesn’t and why, you take control of not only your internal feelings about how you look, but also in part the reactions of others.

If you want more information on dressing for success, please check out my website at:, for more information on this topic.

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