What To Wear to Give a TEDx Talk NOW

After working with hundreds of speakers, especially from the TEDx platform, I can help you get ready for your next big speaking event.

Set yourself up for success even before you step on stage by knowing what to wear to speak.  The last thing you want to be thinking about before you speak is what to wear.

Take care of the angst and frustration of not knowing exactly which pieces of clothing build confidence in those precious few seconds when you step on stage.

I’ve helped hundreds of men and women step on stage with power and credibility BEFORE they even say a word.

Let me help you, too.

Here’s what the Session looks like:

We will spend 60 minutes on a video call with plenty of pre and post support to create your perfect outfit to speak in so you can be ready to take on the day, whatever event, meeting, or opportunity awaits.

  • Curate one style look using clothes from your closet or pieces from stores near you to begin the process.
  • Discover the colors, patterns, fits and accessories that heighten your delivery of your unique message(s) and enhance your expertise and trust with your audience(s).
  • Receive a personalized virtual closet that includes suggested clothing and accessories chosen specifically for you.
  • Receive a styled LookBook of how to wear your outfit.
  • Clear out of limiting beliefs that are holding you back in how your present yourself: And your ideas so that you can more effectively move people to action.
  • Follow up support for 2 weeks.
  • BONUS: Receive my 30-page Guide to Dressing For TEDx Speaking Success.
  • Be ready for your TEDx talk without the angst of not knowing what to wear.
Vanessa Vancour

"While I enjoy dressing myself in my day-to-day life, I become overwhelmed and stressed if it’s for a professional engagement, especially one as public as TEDx. Kathleen was kind and gracious in her coaching, and I felt like she took the time to understand both my style and personality and how both would influence my on-stage presence. I was worried about working with a stylist as I was afraid of losing my essence, but she worked with me to ensure I felt comfortable and looked beautiful and confident on that stage."

Vanessa Vancour
Editora, Noticiero Móvil | TEDx Speaker
frankie forza

"Kathleen Audet is super natural at what she does; consulting with her, I totally felt like I was getting the major Hollywood treatment! I admire Kathleen’s passion for fashion. Her expert eye saved me from committing the same fashion faux pas that I did while speaking at a previous TEDx event (on that prior occasion I elected to choose my own outfit — a mistake, it turns out). So for my second TEDx talk, I completely trusted in Kathleen, and the business-casual outfit we selected blended well with the stage’s backdrop, the tenor of the event, and my ethos. Often times, an audit’ concerns people — but this ‘Audet’ elevates them. I felt comfortable on stage, and I’m a big believer that every little thing contributes to that confidence — including how we dress and what we wear. Kathleen deserves credit for guiding me, giving me peace of mind so that I didn’t have to guess wrong or over-think it. She is a pro’s pro and was truly a pleasure to work with."

Frankie Forza
Public Speaker | TEDx Speaker
Steve Ing

“When I started preparing for my TEDx presentation I had no idea how I should dress for it. With Kathleen's help I was able to 'crack the code' of presenting to the live audience, creating a video image that made a strong impact of that event, and all while presenting with a comfortable image that really worked for me. Her consultation was invaluable.”

Steve Ing
Psychotherapist | Author | TEDx Speaker

“As I planned for my Ted Talk, Kathleen was a great asset as she took on the role of making sure I felt great about how I looked. On event day I was thrilled with how I look, was comfortable and ready to focus on delivering the talk of my life.”

Mike Meinhardt
Sales & Marketing RedHat Cooprative | TEDx Speaker

“As someone who grew up in the men’s clothing business working for my dad, I have been a student of fashion for a long time. I continue to enjoy shopping, creating outfits, and matching patterns that tend to be a bit edgy. However, when it came time for my TedX talk, I knew that this was a project that would be perpetual and be viewed by a variety of audiences for a long time to come. I wanted to make sure that my outfit demonstrated my own style, but wasn’t so unique and trendy that it wasn’t appealing for a broad audience on the TedX stage. Kathleen and I met several times, we reviewed ideas that I had from my own wardrobe and ultimately selected an outfit that helped to complement and not distract from my TedX message. Thanks to Kathleen for working with me on one of the most important talks of my life and helping me to look GREAT!”

Tony Slonim
American Physician | TEDx Speaker

“I had a really complicated Ted talk that involved a suit, academic regalia, and a burka with viels. I literally disrobed on stage to explain the concept of cultural humility. Kathleen did a great job preparing me with expert advice to help me manage all the layers clothing (two robes and a suit!). She is an expert at what she does and made my talk successful.”

Dr. Julie A. Hogan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Nevada Reno | TEDx Speaker

“Kathleen can help you with your decision about what to wear on the day of the event. I wish more speakers would take her advice and make smart choices for how to best appear on video.”

Bret Simmons
Associate Professor of Management, College of Business; Curator of TEDx University of Nevada

“I work with members of our committee to prepare the speakers to give the best talk of their life and then I am backstage making sure things run smoothly on the day of the event. In order for a speaker to feel great they must be prepared and they must look great. We noticed so many of the speakers content was not aligned with their outfit to speak, so I petitioned my friend and image consultant, Kathleen Audet to help us at TEDxUNR. After the first year of Kathleen working with our speakers – what a difference. The speakers felt more confident because she helped them choose clothing to bring out their personality and help them get their message to the audience. You can see the difference in our videos from before she worked with us to after she helped the men and women look right the minute they step on stage. See if you can guess which year she started.”

Alice Heiman
Alice R. Heiman LLC, Member of the Organizing Committee for TEDxUNR.
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