Thinking about what to wear is a two-fold thought process.  The first is what message do I want to send non-verbally?  With my clothes, my accessories, my hairstyle, my makeup? Non-verbal messages make up the outside dress.  The things we see first before you open your mouth.

Secondly, once you know the non-verbal messages your clothes are giving, then you can think about your personal style which must be reflected on the outside if you want your message to be congruent with who you are.

Since you are kindling an idea that you want to spread, and a TEDx stage is a powerful platform to do that, here are some programs to help you to look and feel authentic to yourself and to your audience:

Foundational Style For Your Wardrobe

A Self Study Online + High Touch 1:1 Experience With Kathleen to Create the Foundation for Your Signature Style – Wherever You are in Your Life and Career

There are lots of stylists out there who will dress you for an event. Who will recommend pieces they believe will look good on you. You can hire a personal shopper to help you shop. And these things often work, at first. But without the crucial missing pieces, the results are not sustainable.

Your Closet Foundation will help you learn to trust your clothing choices – so you can build a wardrobe that supports you in all facets of your life.

Trusting Your Clothing Choices Starts With . . .

  • A methodology for evaluating the role your personal values play in the way you dress.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, your values have played a role in the way you’ve dressed up to this point. Module 1 of the self study online experience will show you how some of that can shift to deepen your self awareness – without compromising who you are or what’s important to you.
  • How to match your values with THE most important design element in clothing – Line – Module 2 of the self study online experience guides you to translate what you learned in Module 1 from an inner knowing to an outer toolset to use when you shop. You’ll learn about the different types of lines in garments, what they mean, and which are ideal for you to wear – not just for one event, but for your everyday life and work.

The Self Study Online Modules

» Module 1: Align Your Values With Your Clothing Choices

The messages you send with your clothing are based in part on your values.  Values are the motivating force behind your behaviors, choices and decisions.  IF you choose clothing that is inconsistent with your values – you risk building a wardrobe that doesn’t reflect who you are – which means the pieces you have are not working for you.

Research has shown that our clothing values are consistent with our general values BUT are often a neglected part of personal style – and yet so essential when creating a closet that supports your life, goals and dreams. This foundational module will help you bring the two together.

During this module you will:

  • Create new awareness of how your personal values have influenced your clothing choices to this point
  • Learn the 8 value types that influence your clothing choices
  • Sort the 8 value types for yourself in order to prioritize which are most important to you and why
  • Begin to work with a methodology that will allow you to witness how your values change over time and adjust your wardrobe accordingly [For example, the Social value is high priority for many folks in their younger years because they tend to care more about what other people think – while those who prioritize the Exploratory value want to be different and don’t prioritize as much what others’ think.]

“Working with Kathleen has been an investment that has paid off in innumerable ways. Ultimately, it’s been a much needed investment in myself. Kathleen’s gentle, wise and uncompromising belief that every woman is beautiful as she is combined with her skill and expertise has been transformational for me. I feel more empowered, confident and beautiful than ever and Kathleen’s been a huge part of helping me get to this place.” – Carrie Minturn

» Module 2: Discern Which Lines Look Best On You and Why

Working with design elements in clothing when you’re not a designer can seem, at first blush, intimidating. It’s really not. In this module, you’ll learn about the design element that is MOST important to prioritize when creating Your Signature Style – LINE. Lines create powerful optical illusions about the size and shape of the body – length and width. Lines communicate visual meanings, messages, moods or feelings.

During this module you will:

  • Create new awareness of the lines in your current wardrobe and what messages they are sending.
  • Learn the 8 line types, what they mean, and how to arrange design lines in a way that flatters your body type.
  • Prioritize which of the 8 line types will serve you best in your wardrobe and why.
  • Begin to cue more deeply into the messages you’re currently sending, what you’d like to shift – you’ll be inspired to think about some trademark pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

“As a fan of What Not To Wear, I loved the idea of having an expert “style me” as they saw fit. Who wouldn’t? What I didn’t expect was for Kathleen to help me discover my own personal style and help me understand key things about clothing and shapes that have helped empower and transform my understanding of presence.” – Layla Hanash

The 1:1 High Touch Experience with Kathleen

After you’ve completed the two Online Self Study Modules, you’ll complete some easy pre-work and then work directly and privately with Kathleen. You may use this time any way you like – and Kathleen will give you guidance and structure to ensure you get the most value from it. HERE is what you will receive in the 45-minute call:

  • Curate from my closet 2 style looks – that can be used as the foundation for my appearance on TEDx stage and in life.
  • Discover the colors, patterns, fits and accessories that heighten the impact of my unique message(s) and enhance my expertise and trust with my audience(s).
  • And most importantly, clear out of season beliefs that are holding me back in how I present myself and my ideas so that I can more effectively move people to action.

Kathleen’s deep breadth of experience helping clients create signature styles translates to the stage (if you’re a speaker), to on camera visibility, to just about any profession (Kathleen has worked with entrepreneurs, lawyers, non profit leaders, even a professional gambler!), and, most importantly, to your life.

As a woman in her late 40s, working with Kathleen 1:1 on my signature style confirmed what I had desperately hoped was true: that I can, at my “age,” be visible and feel great about how I look – and that there are clothes out there for me – despite the fashion industry pandering to women in their 20s. I know now I can leave behind the styles I loved in my 30s (which no longer work) and look even BETTER and more powerful (onstage, in meetings and elsewhere) than I dared to imagine. – Stefanie Frank, Speaker, Copywriter, Co-founder of Frankly Good Coffee

Color Analysis — in person or virtual

I make it safe to play with color. Women tend to stick to neutrals or black or navy because they just don’t know what to do. Discovering color banishes the blah’s.

  • Forever dispense with the notion that you are a “season” or any other formulaic version of a color pallet – because the realm of color when it comes to clothing is much more powerful and breathtakingly simple than that.
  • Narrow down the top 5-8 colors that look terrific on you, make you look younger and bring you out of your comfort zone.
  • Automatically eliminate some pieces you currently own based on color, and make glorious space for new pieces to come in.
  • Experience Your signature style start to come together in a way that only you can bring it together.

I was stunned what a difference the right color made. Kathleen is spot on. Can’t wait to find some others that will replace my greys and blacks. – Berit Schweiss

What You Get and What It Costs

» You pick the level of investment based on how much 1:1 time will best serve you!

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Have questions about which package is the right fit for you? Schedule a 15 minute call with Kathleen. She’ll help you figure it out.

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