Style Coaching and Consulting

Style Coaching and Consulting

Kathleen offers private style programs that include a mix of virtual and in person work – that take place over a period of 3-12 months.
You may currently have very little feel for what your personal style is (or you may have had a personal style that you liked, or even loved, but you’ve lost touch with it over the years).

You may feel connected with and like your personal style, but desire (and need) to go deeper in order to bring your wardrobe more in alignment with who you are at this particular point in your life.

If you identify closely with 3-4 (or more) of the points below, a private style program may be right for you:

You are planning a career change and want to “look the part” as you interview, meet new people and start on your new path.

You want the “road-map” to the real you. You deeply desire to have all the tools available to make informed style choices and be completely happy with every purchase!

You have recently gained or lost weight and your new body needs dressing.

You know somewhere deep down that it is possible to really love your wardrobe and have your heart sing every time you get dressed.

You are tired of opening your closet every morning and seeing pieces that just don’t work (and never get worn). At the same time, you also have some great pieces to work with and you’d like to build on those.

You want a step-by-step plan to figure out what clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles work for you, what doesn’t and why.

You are just plain ready.

The Unity


Kathleen helps you take the many aspects of your personal style and transform the frustration in your closet into an amazing wardrobe.  This is a step-by-step program that is designed for you if you are ready to move into the YOU you were created to be.

The Harmony


If you need to get up, get dressed and get on with life, but your wardrobe is frustrating, unable to be mixed and matched easily and never versatile enough to take you through the many roles in your life, then The Harmony Program is a perfect fit for you.

This program is designed to take the guesswork out of getting dressed, create a closet that is beautiful AND functional, and most importantly includes all the information for you to continue to design a joyful wardrobe for years to come.  If you have created a wardrobe with many beautiful pieces, but you would like to build new outfits with minimal investment, this is the program for you.

The Primary

Style Program

This package is for the woman who wants to create a look and personal style that is very fashion forward and tailored to your lifestyle.

Once you know the basic concepts of line, shape, color, fabric, and pattern, you can easily define the rules of style and beauty that fit your unique body particulars.

Here Is A Bit More Detail About the Work You and Kathleen Will Be Doing Together

Personal Image Profile / Personal Style Analysis

We determine your personal style that is authentically YOU at the deepest level. Your inner and outer beauty, style and image — revealed! This will occur with the combination of knowing what is in your closet presently, and what personality needs to be added to your wardrobe to help you be you from the inside out.

Shopping Plan

Once your closet is consistent and harmonious with your personal style, then we create a shopping list of those pieces most useful and needed.

Artistic Photo Shoot

To capture your inner and outer beauty in an inventive and stylish manner, my professional photographer will take both head and full body shots with three wardrobe changes. 20 images are yours to keep and use in any way you wish.

Closet Cleanout and Re-organization plus Wardrobe Evaluation

We evaluate what you have, discard anything not functioning for you, and decide what to buy to make your wardrobe as versatile, economical and beautiful as possible. Once you know the ways to organize your closet so that you can control the outfit selection and make it seamless and fun — your morning routine is never the same. We will also find all the ways to repurpose, redefine and re-establish your current clothing pieces.


Personalized to you, this session allows us to find the perfect colors and techniques for a natural look. This session can be used for shopping.

Fit and Fashion Session

Learn to dress the body you’re living in now – today! Having your clothes fit means you are perceived as smart, savvy and perceptive. With small tweaks in your current wardrobe and ideas and tips for your specific body type, you will see the results a well-fitted garment in just days.

Hairstyle Evaluation with Professional

A trip to the salon and a 30-minute hair evaluation to learn face shape, how your hair fiber responds to weather, washing, styling and more.

Color Analysis

With thousands of colors to choose from, we’ll select from harmonies in your own coloring, including hair, eyes, cheek and colors you love; you’ll receive all of YOUR colors in an easy-to-use fan to shop and design with.

Personal Shopping

Here is where we spend time together in stores in the area — or virtually via Skype and your Virtual Closet. The goal is to find pieces that fill the gap in your wardrobe. By shopping for specific pieces, we can create outfits and eliminate those “orphans” that oftentimes leave us with too many clothes and not enough ensembles. The goal is to create unity: “the state of forming a complete and pleasing whole,” which is exactly what we’ll do together when we create your wardrobe.