“Lacking” Your Clothing Choices?

Last Thursday afternoon when getting my haircut, I heard “Miss Kath ah leen, would you like a drink?” where “like” sounded more like “lack”, and I thought, “why is she talking like that?” quickly remembering in that surreal moment that I am in the south – the deep south. While the drawl has its beauty, I’m often still startled by it.

Yes, I am still shifting between two cultures, and I find it is not unlike the process I take my clients through when we change up their wardrobe, transform their look and allow them to see themselves differently.

Often when we decide its ok to disengage from our present look, we begin the process of change and renewal, but just because we are unplugging from our old way of getting dressed does not mean we leave behind a lifetime of constructed habits and behaviors that can make it hard to move forward.

Bravo or Brava to those of you who actively seek to be better at something. To you who begin journeys not knowing the outcome, but are trusting the process. Because the process of finding a wardrobe you love is about self awareness and renewal. Renewing your view of yourself and recapturing the essence of how you are made and it’s very exciting. After working with a client this year, I think she got it:

“This process reintroduced myself to me. To the me I wasn’t even sure was there. It feels good to really embrace and find the person God created me to be. Standing in front of the mirror now gives me a small glimpse of what the Father sees and created me to be. He thinks I’m beautiful and I’m beginning to think the same. I think if more women could fall in love with themselves and just get to know themselves it would be such an amazing world. We would have so much more to give. I feel like I have more to give to others now bc I’ve given to myself. I can’t put into words what life you and this process have breathed into me. Life changing. Thank you for what you do and doing it with so much passion and love.”

I am always grateful for the opportunity to facilitate this kind of change, and next month I’m back on the west coast to urge, encourage and help with closet and wardrobe transitions. Can’t wait.

Also, if you know of someone giving a TEDx talk in the near future (or far too!) AND they are wondering what to wear, tell them to investigate how they can show up to their talk and garner warmth and trust immediately long before they speak. Here is the link.

In addition, if there are some men in your life that need a style primer or are wondering where to start with their wardrobe, I’ll be releasing Mark of Style for Men next month. More details to come.

And, since it’s really (really) warm here, here are some ideas to navigate humid weather: wide leg pants, dresses in cotton and linen and any clothing that does NOT hug the body. For more ideas try these.

And last but not least, here are some things I have been enjoying in the south. Our 2 (very large) fig trees on our property will produce plenty of yumminess this fall. I used to think figs grew on bushes, but now I know better…

And if I had a motorcycle — if I would ride one (BIG “if”), these roads would show me the way…

And, in the spirit of change, I am learning about bugs that exist here and giving this shout out to one that will not move even when I scream. This stick (not stink) bug does not care that I interrupt her yoga class to take a photo. After all, she is like royalty with all the names she has: devil’s darning needle, devil’s horse, prairie alligator, specter, stick insect, and walkingstick:

As my dismay and uneasiness about not understanding people’s accents wanes, I notice more beauty, more people and more of myself in a new place. If you are in transition and trying to make sense of life’s changes, especially if your wardrobe needs to change too, please email me. I would lack love to help you :)

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