Before the summer heat hits (sorry to the northeast and midwest fashion fans who still have snow piled high), it’s time to brighten up your spring with some serious wardrobe plans. This season’s picks are varied enough to allow you to add at least one new piece that you lvoe and want to wear immediately — to your wardrobe.

Check out the variety of color especially — as spring tends to bring in colors that are brighter and lighter just like your favorite backyard garden. HEY — Gen Xer’s check out the 80’s influenced clothing selections updated for 2018, and for those of you who still love checks, plaids and pattern – you are in luck!

Also on the fashion scene are those that love Singin’ in the Rain on repeat, as plastics and weatherproof fabrics make the scene.

Minimalism and maximum storage fight it out on the handbag scene, and you get to decide who wins.

Take a look here at what you might want to add to your authentic style, and maybe you’ll find it on sale as well in this Catalog.


Luckily for this season there are plenty of bright colors including the reds from winter. Now is the time to find that one shade of purple or lavender or red violet that works for you. Pantone’s color of the year is not in every store, and it’s not a great color (the actual color) on everyone, but a version of it is available in many stores this spring.

Check out these hues for the season:


And then there are always pastels that kick off the spring trends, and here are the most popular including the “color of the year”:


Plaids and stripes and check continue to make a power play in our work clothing (and more), but the style is more relaxed and easy to wear. The fun part about this seasons plaids is that small amounts of color (not black or white) has been added to create an updated look with more interest than just black and white. 

Zoom in close to see these plaids below and you will note the hints of green, pink, yellow, and blue:


If you loved the vinyl and plastic clothing of the late 80s and 90s, welcome home. These high-tech fabrics are a bit more ethereal and in softer colors, but are plastic nonetheless. If you don’t want to wear your vinyl, you can carry it. 

Enjoy perusing some of these “new” styles:


Thankfully for many of my clients, floral is still very in. The patterns are somewhat smaller than last year, and the variety and colors are increasing.

Find your favorites here:


And last but not least are handbags. The most popular right now are 2 sizes we all need: small (as in wristles) and large (as in tote). The handbags for spring are in delicious pastels as well as bright florals.

Check out some of the most popular here:


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