Why You Need A Signature Style

It's no secret that clothing plays an important role in how you are perceived. However, what is now being discovered is that what we wear and how we feel in our clothing affects how we perceive ourselves. Whether you are a professional speaker or workshop facilitator, pastor or entrepreneur - your clothes send a message both to you and your audience. Why not make sure you set yourself up for success before leaving your bedroom and get dressed in your signature style? You'll benefit from more than just looking good - you'll feel good, confident, and ready to take on the day, whatever event, meeting, or opportunity awaits.

“What you wear speaks so loudly, it can be hard to hear a word you say.” ~ David J. Katz

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signature style

Virtual Session

The Signature Style Virtual Session is designed to help you accomplish four core objectives:

  • Curate style looks directly from your closet: These can be used as the foundation for your appearance in work and in life.
  • Discover the colors, patterns, fits and accessories that heighten your delivery: Of your unique message(s) and enhance your expertise and trust with your audience(s).
  • Follow up support: Receive a personalized virtual closet that includes suggested clothing and accessories chosen specifically for you.
  • Clear out of limiting beliefs that are holding you back in how your present yourself: And your ideas so that you can more effectively move people to action.

the signature style Virtual session includes:

  • Online pre-work fun that is all about YOU and what you love (and don't love)
  • Up to *3 complete outfits with accessories including shoes and jewelry.
  • Discovery of the colors, patterns, and accessories that heighten your delivery of your unique message(s) and enhance your expertise and trust with your audience(s). Connecting the design elements of your clothing with who you are is the key to finding an authentic style.
  • Follow up email access.

What People Are Saying

Kathleen is amazing at what she does to help you find your own authentic style and the best in your personality and bring your positive and true qualities out each and every day. After working with her I feel not only more organized but completely renewed and refreshed. I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who wants to discover their true brand and personality and reflect that in your wardrobe. Thank you Kathleen, you are amazing!

Milena Regos, Unhustle.com

“It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen. I used to struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear to work. Since working with Kathleen, she helped me find the right colors, fit and style that work best for me. Now when I get dressed I know that whatever I choose, I will look and feel great! Kathleen has help make my life so much easier and I couldn’t be happier!”

Jill Jensen, Jensen Precast

Jill Jensen

About Kathleen

Executives, business owners, workplace professionals, entrepreneurs and speakers who have worked with Kathleen all rave about her unparalleled ability to bring out their authentic style – which inevitably leads to increased awareness of and confidence in their (personal and professional) leadership and nonverbal communication abilities.

Kathleen has been an image consultant to speakers, thought leaders and visionaries who have spoken on TEDx stages, at Fortune 500 companies, prestigious industry conferences like INBOUND and the Association for Talent Development, and at the United Nations.

The Signature Style Virtual Session Options



Basic Session

  • One 60-minute session on Zoom
  • One complete outfit with accessories including shoes and jewelry
  • Style profile that includes your signature colors, patterns, and accessories
  • Follow up email access
  • Styling and organizing tips provided throughout the session using virtual closet support
  • One-on-one support before during and after our call
  • Quickly learn what works and what doesn’t and why
  • Time saving techniques for a busy morning
  • Downloadable PDFs for easy reference
  • Travel packing tips
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