Long before we speak, we announce ourselves.

Are your clothing choices as authentic as you are?

Because we call a person authentic when he/she shows up as the best version of themselves -- consistently and with purpose!

Let your clothes work for you and...

  • Always have something to wear for any occasion
  • Go from feeling frumpy to fabulous
  • Become more confident
  • Learn to shop purposefully
    so even if you hate shopping it’s still productive and efficient
  • Feel more powerful when connecting with people
    at home, at work, onstage, or elsewhere
  • Learn to trust yourself more deeply which empowers you to go after what really matters – to YOU

In our private work together, you will discover that you are the Artist in your own closet

My Custom Image Programs combine style, color, fit, hair, makeup and shopping with wisdom, transformation and healing. Working together we transform your wardrobe to match who you are on the inside – and deeply influence and elevate your non-verbal communication and personal/professional leadership as a result.

Whether you need to create a new personal style quickly or prefer to do so more gradually, you and I will work closely together in whichever program best fits your needs.

Work with me in person or virtually

VIP Intensives - in person or virtual

Choose a 1, 2, or 3 day VIP intensive experience – during which you spend 1, 2, or 3 full days one to one with me in Reno, Nevada, or we work together in your hometown. Transform your image in a compressed, customized, extremely efficient time period. Each program includes ongoing follow up and pre- and post-support with Kathleen after your intensive concludes. If you choose to work entirely virtual, like many clients, we will translate your in-person hours to virtual hours according to your schedule and needs.

What to Wear For Your TEDx Talk 

Speakers & Leaders: Set yourself up for success even before you step on stage by knowing what to wear to speak. Garner warmth and trust immediately by using the non-verbal cues of your clothing.  Don't let your audience be distracted by what you wear for this very important video.

"Kathleen can help you with your decision about what to wear on the day of the event. I wish more speakers would take her advice and make smart choices for how to best appear on video"

Bret Simmons, Associate Professor of Management, University of Nevada, Reno; Curator of TEDx
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