Shrink to Expand:

Shrink Your Stuff, Expand Your Space

In this masterclass, you'll discover how 3 simple steps can help you eliminate, edit, and expand your perfect space
so that you can live better with less.

The Details

  • Learn the 3 most important tips you can implement immediately to simplify and organize your house, your closet, your life.
  • Discover the connection between who you are and what your belongings say about you - and why it goes much deeper than simply purge what you don’t love.
  • Hear from one of my clients and get a chance to ask me (and her) questions during our live Q&A session on why and how she downsized her stuff, but rightsized her life.

Meet Your Host: Kathleen Audet

Kathleen is president and founder of Your Authentic Image. She works with men and women in person via V.I.P. intensives, customized style coaching and consulting services, and remotely through her unique virtual coaching programs.

Executives, business owners, workplace professionals, entrepreneurs and speakers who have worked with Kathleen all rave about her unparalleled ability to bring out their authentic style - which inevitably leads to increased awareness of and confidence in their (personal and professional) leadership and nonverbal communication abilities.

Kathleen has been an image consultant to speakers, thought leaders and visionaries who have spoken on TEDx stages, at Fortune 500 companies, prestigious industry conferences like INBOUND and the Association for Talent Development, and at the United Nations.

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Your investment is only $10 + your time... consider this: 
What will it cost you in energy, money and peace of mind
if you DON'T create the space you need to live a freer life?

Milena Regos


With the help of Kathleen, I was able to minimize and streamline my wardrobe while still looking fabulous all the time. Removing the clutter in my wardrobe initiated a complete overhaul of minimizing my entire life resulting in a major lifestyle change. I now live between Lake Tahoe and Baja and LOVE my life. Being able to live in an airstream for 4+ months a year really teaches you how little you need in life to be happy. Without the clutter in my life, I now have the time to enjoy the things I love, like cooking, kiteboarding, yoga, paddleboarding and still spend time with the people who matter to me. Own less, do more is my new motto. Thank you Kathleen from the bottom of my heart for initiating that change in my life!

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