Reveal Your Minimalist Style

Embracing your minimalist style for a night out or a special occasion doesn’t mean you have too few clothing pieces, but rather that you may not want embellishments on your clothes, or too many (or even one) accessories, but instead you want your few pieces of clothing that you do wear to make a statement. For example, Victoria Beckham has a minimalist style with her clothing. She wears simple pieces, very little jewelry and many solids. Her aesthetic is minimal, even though her clothing budget may provide her with many more clothes than the average closet has. There’s a difference between the pleasing look of minimalism and the urge to “minimize” your closet and remove clothing. And, the goal of a minimalist style isn’t to get to a wardrobe of all black, grey and white — though you can do that if it makes it easier for you to get dressed in the morning, but the idea IS to be very intentional about every single piece so that when you get dressed, your clothes — and you in them — make a statement that says less is much, much more.

Do you feel like your personal style is a combination of looks and pieces? That’s common. I’d love to help you find your own personal style and create outfits that close that gap between who you are on the inside and what your clothes say about you. Click here to set up a complimentary call.

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