Reveal Your Glamorous Style

Since we now wear our workout clothes to work, why not step into a glamorous style this year for your holiday soirees. Find any occasion this month (and maybe even the following months) to get dressed UP. We certainly don’t have enough excuses or even reasons to do this, and creating an on-purpose event (that party at YOUR house) with a “must wear glamour” xx is a stellar idea. Glamour can mean Marilyn Monroe or Helen Mirren or a style icon from the 40s, but to interpret that for yourself, think about using your hair as an accessory first and treating yourself to a soft, rolled curl hairstyle. After that treat, think about donning a long well-fitted red dress or skirt and top, a full-length faux fur coat and high heeled pumps in nude to keep all the attention on your face — and hair, of course. And then to keep the attention on YOU – wear your very best shade of red lipstick. I promise the right one for you is out there. Try as many as you can at your local Ulta or Sephora until you find just right shade for your coloring. Put it all together and look AND feel glamorous for your night out.

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