Reveal Your Funky Style

When your personality is modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way –  you find yourself attracted to funky pieces. But you can always create that style if you haven’t been brave enough until the end of the year (now) or you want to try a new look.  In my opinion, the best place to showcase your funky side is accessories. Try a statement necklace to add to distressed jeans and a white silk blouse. How about a statement shoe with boyfriend jeans, a bodysuit and hoop earrings.  

Whenever you put together a striking outfit, you need a striking piece that garners attention immediately when people see you. Put all your fears on the back burner and turn up the funk with a large brooch, an extra wide belt, or a fancy hat.  Don’t worry if your outfit is asymmetrical. Keep it funky by focusing on one large piece while keeping the rest of the accessories subordinate in scale. You can’t go wrong with this rule of one piece being the center of attention — go ahead and be just that – the woman who turns heads the moment she walks in the room.  You never know just how great you will feel until you try it.

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