Reveal Your Feminine Style

Bows, ruffles and dresses all speak of a feminine style for women, but so do soft colors and blush tones. Mix up any combination of these or just mix up your fabrics to combine for a deliciously feminine feel.  Another way to accentuate your feminine side is to wear clothing that hugs the body. Leave a little room for ease, but curves are feminine and allowing them to be — just be — is part of discovering your femininity and feel of a lush look. If you like monochromatic just know it doesn’t have to be boring.


If you exchange all one material for different textures, you create a look that is not only feminine but classic and elongating at the same time. If you need to look taller, monochromatic is the way to go, and being taller doesn’t mean you have to give up your femininity. Try polka dots, soft pink, lace and small intricate jewelry to bring a beautiful you to every special occasion you have this year and next.

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