Reveal Your Creative Style

We all have a creative side to our personal style, but it may take some time to develop. If creativity and artistry are part of your everyday life, then chances are your creative style displays itself in putting patterns together, the artful use of color and creating an outfit that is combined in an unusual way. The kimono in this photo has a large pattern on the back that has at least one color in it from the leggings. Instead of the solid light blue tank top you could wear a thin stripe or even small floral design on the turtleneck and make sure to add all of the creative pieces you love to wear daily to your outfit. Creativity is learned, so why not consider finding out for yourself what you love and don’t love by heading to the fabric store to peruse the patterns and see which ones resonate with you the best. For your holiday plans this year, make a special effort to wear your boldest colors and be brave with accessories and hair. Don’t hold back but be brave and wear those items that you know express the real you.

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