Reveal Your Bohemian Style

“Boho” or “boho chic” in essence is a focus on flowy and ethereal fabrics. Though the rules of bohemian mean  — by nature — that there are no rules, the general feel of a bohemian look is a bit hippy mixed with color and nature – often floral prints.  An easy way to dress up a bohemian look for a special occasion is to add big earrings that sparkle or one accessory that says “holiday”. Equally just donning a dress that is comfortable, flowy, and creates a waist is a special occasion bohemian look.  

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, layer your pieces and look for items that are vintage, lace or have unique detailing to them. With so many clothes in our closet, it may be the time to try a bohemian look. See what you have that can layer and create an entirely new special occasion look.  

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