Reveal Your Alluring Style

If this is your style – you know it, and it’s all about confidence with mysterious attractiveness and a lot of fascination.  You don’t have to have low cut blouses or mini skirts to pull off this style, but you may want to join your girly girl side with fitted clothing that hugs your curves.  AND then, don’t forget to add plenty of accessories, which no alluring style would be without. If there were ever a time to layer or add, but never take away — an accessory, now is the time.

Look for the highest heel you can wear, and don’t forget to consider animal print, long necklaces, dangly earrings and as many bracelets as you can stack and still lift your arm. One thing to think about before you don an alluring style is where to wear it!  Consider well that you will be a center of attention and choose wisely. In addition, this style is easily carried out with a little black dress and very high heels — easy, peasy classic — but add in your bold and copious accessories and you have an authentic alluring style that you can have fun with and that accentuates your hard work at the gym.

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