Reveal Your 60s Style

There’s more to 60s fashion than just tie dye and mini skirts.  Reveal your 60s style by finding a high-waisted wide leg palazzo pant and pairing it with a well fitted angora sweater. Now all you need is a small polka dot or scarf to tie around your head or your neck and some pointy toe flats in suede or patent leather to create an outfit that is both vintage and updated at the same time. If Bridget Bardot and Jackie Kennedy shared the two pillars of fashion success in the 1960s, then you have a wide swath of styles to choose from depending on what you love and where your holiday parties take you. From gingham to plaid to floral, the 60s held all three up for fashion icons to choose from, as well as pearls, pill box hats and capri pants. But for a special night out in December and January, try choosing a wide leg pants with a high waist to give elegance and easy fit to your ensemble. If you want to exude more confidence, try wearing two or three cocktail rings, some geometric oversize earrings or stacks of thin bracelets in bright pop art colors to add authenticity and fun to your night out.

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