Reflecting the more

We know we are made for something more than what we presently are, which is why we wear clothes. There’s an entire fashion industry waiting for that theology to sustain it.  The more is something we already know. That we are made to be something. To produce, to cultivate, to sow, to harvest, to give.
We can feel it in our bones that there is something we are supposed to be doing.  As humans made in the image of the Creator, we represent, or sometimes, misrepresent, a body.  Is is accurate? Is it faithful?  Is it authentic? In order to know, we have to take seriously the awareness of who we are, and whose we are.
Like our bodies, our senses may require restoration and renewal. A change. In order to be able to receive the spiritual power necessary to know our reflection in the mirror. We must pay attention.
It’s time investigate what and who we are so that we can reflect the goodness back out into the world, and not just back at ourselves. Let’s start the journey. Let’s expect that we are made for more. Much more.

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