Refined Friday

If you are looking to take your Friday attire into the weekend or just out to dinner, then check out these refined finds. Each piece is specifically chosen to increase a wardrobe that does not actually need a plethora of choices.

Somewhere between minimalism and elegance lives refined clothing.

These are also pieces that have the potential to last as staples in your wardrobe. Pieces that you love and that you invest in for today and the future. Most of them will be streamlined, simple in design (usually) and awaiting your closet entry. And, if you are looking for that one specific piece to build a wardrobe around, let’s say a capsule wardrobe, those finds are here as well. Check out my blog on creating a capsule wardrobe when you have no idea where to start, and then choose one piece from this board to begin the process. Capsules travel well, function well for work, and make life easier every single morning. Is there a sophisticated and elegant personal style in your wardrobe — Refined Friday is created for you.

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