Pocket Theology

Sometimes our goals and affirmations are not readily available to us.

What if you had a pocket in every piece of clothing (designers are you listening?)  and you kept at least 3 healthy thoughts on a piece of paper to reach in stare at throughout the day.

Maybe that’s when you are standing in line, when you are in the waiting room, when you aren’t the driver, before your next Zoom call, or as you are hanging your clothing (pockets) up for the night.

And what if the thoughts are…beautiful.  Beautiful enough to hijack your most pressing concerns and fears.

How about some of these:

I am a champion of health and wellness for myself and my family.

I am calm and relaxed when something doesn’t go my way.

Each day, for a few moments, I stop and am grateful for life.

We have an amazing wardrobe for our soul called words. Words are holy and words are sacred and they belong to all of us.  Everyone can find those beautiful words, sentences, paragraphs and ultimately, thoughts, hanging in our wardrobes to dress up in.

If you try this exercise — using paper and not just your phone — let me know.  I have placed my folded words in my wallet when I don’t have a pocket.  Just the feel of the paper in my hand reminds me to grab that spare minute to shift my thoughts. It’s worth a try!

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