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This is a fundamental men’s styling program that allows you to learn the basics of dress without spending a lot of money or time.

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Making Your Mark

Do you wake up in the morning and feel 100% supported by your closet and your wardrobe? 

Do you feel confident about your own style when you see your peers?

Do your clothes fit well and make you feel powerful, in control, and authentic?

Finding a personal style that works on a daily basis is the simplest, easiest solution...
...but where do you start?

It begins with Mark of Style For Men.

course outline

What's Covered In Mark Of Style For Men

The Mark of Style For Men course covers the very basics to building a wardrobe that is easy, streamlined, ready to wear and that increases your confidence, your attractiveness and your passion for work and life. Better than your best BBQ tools, Mark of Style for Men gives you step by step simple information that you need to create a wardrobe to use in whatever setting you need. Here is an overview of what we cover within this course:

module 1

Align Your VALUES With Your Clothing Choices
The messages you send with your clothing are based in part on your values. Values are the motivating force behind your behaviors, choices and decisions. IF you choose clothing that is inconsistent with your values – you risk building a wardrobe that doesn’t reflect who you are - which means the pieces you have are not working for you. Research has shown that our clothing values are consistent with our general values BUT are often a neglected part of personal style - and yet so essential when creating a wardrobe. This foundational module will help you align your values with your clothing choices.

module 2

Learn the NON-VERBAL CUES of Your Clothing and How They Affect You and Others
Working with design elements in clothing when you’re not a designer can seem, at first blush, intimidating. It’s really not. In this module, you’ll learn about the design element that is MOST important to prioritize when creating Your Signature Style - LINE. Lines create powerful optical illusions about the size and shape of the body – length and width. Lines communicate visual meanings, messages, moods or feelings, and is the foundation of knowing the non-verbal messages of your clothing. Learn how to use the lines of your clothing to appear taller, thinner and attract attention where you want it.

module 3

Activate This Vital “Key” To a Fabulous Wardrobe - COLOR
You've done the foundational work with your values, message and line. Now it's time for you to activate color in your wardrobe like you’ve never “seen” it before. You can forever dispense with the notion that you are a “season” or any other formulaic version of a color pallet - because the realm of color when it comes to clothing is much more powerful and breathtakingly simple than that. In this module I will highlight colors that you can wear and color to avoid so that you can automatically eliminate some pieces you currently own based on color alone. You will also find many examples of color combinations that work for you. Use color to attract attention where and when you want it.

module 4

FIT is the KEY to a perfectly styled wardrobe
Perfect fit makes even an ordinary outfit look incredibly stylish, but a bad fit and make even the most expensive outfit look like you are hiding something. When clothing fits well, your body looks proportional despite your weight. If the clothing is too big, you will look, heavier, careless and possibly shorter than you are. In this module, we explore all the places on any garment and how they should fit. When to buy, when not to buy an off the rack piece, and how to know if you are getting your money’s worth based on fit.

module 5

FABRICS, prints and patterns, oh my!
Knowing the Basics of Fabric and Fibers Makes All the Difference when you choose your clothes. Knowing your basic fabrics and their fibers will save you time and lot of money; as well as increase your ability to style your own outfits. What are the best fabrics for summer, for winter, for transition months? How and why to put certain fabrics together is covered, as well as how to create a well-planned wardrobe by coordinating your fabrics. Knowing fabrics and their prints -- just the basics -- give you an incredible edge when shopping and styling your clothes. Make sure to note your top 3 favorites to search for when you shop.

module 6 + 7

STYLING everything in your closet to make great outfits
So far you’ve created a skill set around clothing that you will use for the rest of your life! Now it’s time to use that to create outfits that will support you no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. In this module, will apply what you’ve learned so far to create outfits! Hone your color choosing skills from Module 3 - specifically how to constructively critique yourself in colors without making the critique personal. You will also witness how accessories (shoes, belts, contrasting fabrics, pocket scarves, socks) can bring an entire outfit together. The goal is combine pieces to create enough outfits for 3 weeks without wearing the same thing twice. Essential travel packing is included in this module, along with a virtual closet of finds to expedite your shopping experience.

This course is valued at over $599. However,  you can grab it now at an introductory, one-time investment of $199 (with lifetime access!). Are you ready? Let's go!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does Mark of Style Start?

The course starts whenever you want to start. It’s on a virtual platform that enables you to begin at your convenience. 

What is the cost of Mark of Style?

Right now, you can purchase Mark of Style for an introductory, one-time price of $199.  This gives you access to 7 modules and all downloadable resources.

How long will I have access to Mark of Style?

Once you purchase this program, it's yours for life. This allows you to work your way through the material as your own pace and as often as you need or wish to.

How is Mark of Style presented?

This course is laid out with a combination of videos and digital, downloadable lesson resources.


Make Your Mark & Skyrocket Your Confidence

Meet Kathleen Audet

Kathleen works with executives, business owners, workplace professionals and speakers who rave about her unparalleled ability to bring out their authentic style. This leads to increased awareness of and confidence in their personal and professional leadership and non-verbal communication skills.

She has been an image consultant to men from their teen years to their retirement years; to thought leaders and visionaries who have spoken on TEDx stages, at Fortune 500 companies, and at prestigious industry conferences like INBOUND, the Association for Talent Development and at the United Nations.

Whether you need customized coaching, remote work through this virtual program or email recommendations for custom clothing, please contact

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