Jackets are a Dress For Success item!

Not a suit…a jacket!!
Why wearing a jacket is good!

I’ll be speaking soon to many business men and women in the Reno area. If there is one thing I want them to take away from my talk it is that they can always use a jacket to their advantage when interviewing and speaking to others about what they do. Jackets and suits especially for women, did not come into fashion until after 1915, and even then were cumbersome and stiff.

This is actually a two-piece “suit” for women in the early 1900s. The bodice was heavily boned and was almost like a mini corset itself worn over the mandatory S-bend corset. Ouch!

Though the 1920s had an ostentatious look, World War I changed all of that, and today the options are endless depending on what lines and shapes and colors and fabrics and patterns YOU like.


Jackets are a great investment, and they can upscale your look when you mean business!

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