It Pays To Look Smart In Tough Times

Yes, the unemployment rate is high.  And yes, northern Nevada is one of the highest.  IF there was a time to panic, it might be now, and it might be easy to feel down and depressed.  There is one place, however, that we can take control of to face the fear.

That is our dress and our image.  We can exert control over our spending, our eating, our exercise, but few think about controlling our dress and appearance.  “A professional image is a powerful yet often overlooked tool for getting results for yourself and your company,” says image coach Mary Lou Andre (Boston).

In this year of uncertainty, we can take the initiative and learn how to use our clothing as a resource and a tool to help us become not just more attractive, but more productive and happier.  Get up in the morning, get dressed up to some degree, and you will feel more, well, up.  It’s true.  The confidence you gain when you do this helps you feel more secure, calm and prepared for work, for an interview, or just to take on the day with a new perspective.

The fear of losing one’s job in these uncertain times has fueled many to up the ante on dress codes, attitudes and work ethics.  The economy may be down but don’t underestimate the power of dressing up.  When you look good, you feel good – about yourself and about others.  You stand a little taller.  You speak a little clearer.  You act a little nicer.  Looking sharp makes you feel more friendly.  Feeling friendly gets you out of yourself and engaged in life.  It’s contagious and everyone around you benefits from your choice to dress up!                                    By Kathleen Audet and Judith Rasband


Last week I had an office day planned and when I woke up I didn’t feel like working.  Normally I would have thrown on a sweatshirt and pair of work-out pants, knowing I wouldn’t be leaving the house.  But that day I decided to wear dress pants and a nice sweater.  I noticed that it immediately affected my attitude about being productive in my office that day. I was more alert and energetic about getting work done.”  Michelle Graham, author

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