Ever catch yourself thinking:


It doesn’t matter how I dress, it’s who I am on the inside that matters…


It’s vain and superficial to spend money on clothes…


Do you feel like it is not okay to care about you dress – that your time and energy should be spent focusing on more important things?


If you do care about how you dress, do you ever feel bad or guilty about caring?


It’s natural for any woman who is not 20-something with a stick thin body to be put off by the glamour-worshipping, model-obsessed parts of our culture.


BUT, WHAT IF…caring about how you dress meant that the essence of who you are inside shows on the outside?  And that communicating who you are through intentional clothing selection could help you move forward, guiding you toward your divine potential and purpose?


Whether you don’t care, pretend not to care, or actually do care about how you dress, your clothes instantly communicate volumes about you without you ever saying a word.  Like I’ve heard and I’ve repeated to others:  you cannot NOT communicate.


When you intentionally create a wardrobe that flatters you, that is easy and fun to wear, and that reflects who you are on the inside, you are empowered to connect the inside and the outside and take getting dressed to a whole new level.  And that level really is different than how you might be experiencing your wardrobe right now.  Upleveling to a closet of clothes that you absolutely love to look at and love to put on is one of the hardest things to imagine for women.  I know that because when I talk about it, the response is almost always something like:  I can’t imagine that, or that would be wild or most often:  blank stare!


So I encourage you to learn how to express your unique personality –who you really are — through your dress – and I will guide you to do so without flaunting, without being narcissistic or selfish, in a way that doesn’t diminish your soul.  And I encourage you to set up a free pre-consultation call where we will talk specifically about your wardrobe needs – the frustrations, the clothes you love and the how-to.  I have open times next week, and I would love to hear from you.  Email:


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