In a split second

No more waiting.
Choose to use your best plates, grab your most expensive clothes, speak that kind thought you are having about the cashier, show up for dance classes.
In mathematics the spiral is a curve which emanates from one point and it moves farther away as it revolves around that point. In life, we are spiraling forward or backward.
Plants often use a spiral form because they are constantly trying to grow but stay secure. The galaxy spirals with stars and the bathroom drain spirals down to parts unknown. In economic language spiral rarely has a good connotation.
However, we are never in neutral, stagnant on the spiral. I move the spiral forward or back.   Even when things are grim, I still have a choice to respond progressing towards right, good, honest. I don’t have to think “will this decision move me forward”. I only have to spiral forward in that one moment.
At the paint store last week, the cashier noted my northwest address, and asked a repeated question: “why do you live in Lousiana?” In a split second, I spiraled up and answered, “the lush green is a beautiful change of pace from the desert”. Not once in three years had I been able to answer positively. But something shifted in that second, and I rounded the curve happier.
Though the world is spiraling down, we have the choice in any moment given to us — to us to choose hope, to choose good, to choose faith. Spiral up.

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