How to Use a Capsule Wardrobe to Help You Lose Weight

There’s nothing like feeling great in new clothes that fit, especially when you pass by a mirror. Screeeeeech (old record with needle screeching sound). Wait – I know what you’re thinking. You aren’t getting ANY new clothes till you lose weight. Only THEN you will find clothes you feel great in and wear them – then. That day. When you lose the weight and feel better about yourself. But that day is the nebulous then and not right now. What about right now?

Use an 8 Piece Capsule to Help You Feel Great – Right Now

I’ve never been more sure that you can make some pretty darn great outfits from as few as 8 pieces of clothing. Here are 2 fabulous reasons to allow this while you consider losing weight.

  • You will look great whether you lose weight or not
  • You will feel great whether you lose weight or not

But why would you look and feel great if you are not at the weight you want to be? That doesn’t make sense – certainly not by the stifling standard our culture sets for women. It’s hard to not internalize that. After all, that extra weight that has not come off berates you every time you pass a mirror. And to think of the clothes that you bought that don’t fit — that are waiting in your closet (or taking up space in someone else’s closet) until that indefinite date that you fit into them.

Here’s What’s Really Going On

You may not lose the weight UNTIL you get a handle on really caring for and loving the body you have now — this day, despite everything you believe about it, and despite what our culture tries to dictate. You may long for a body you once had, but that is not going to help you get the weight off, or deal with all of those extra clothes in your closet. You may pine for a body that doesn’t even exist if you are comparing yourself to others, to magazine covers, or to someone on TV. Stop. Just stop. NOW is the Time to Look Great – Here’s How Listen to me. NOW is the time to look great. Now is the time to feel great in what you are wearing. It can happen. Without spending oodles of money.

Here’s how:

Find just 2 pieces in your closet that fit. I mean fit and look good. Hopefully at least one of them is a pair of pants. Because we are going to put together 20 outfits from 8 pieces, and you need a minimum of 2 pairs of pants (or a skirt and a pant, or 2 skirts). All other pieces that could belong in this capsule are simply serendipity. If you do not have any pants, I recommend this kind and brand to start. It’s a ponte knit which will lay well on the body, be super comfortable and go with several tops and 3rd layer pieces. Now, let’s get that pant in another color. How about grey. A grey pair and a black pair. As we inch towards spring, you could think of a tan or a very small herringbone, but definitely a neutral that can be combined with other colors and prints. Now let’s think tops. I want you to find 4 tops — just 4, no more for now — that fit well. And when I say fit well, I mean that the sleeves are not too long or too short. The armholes are fitted but not tight, the bodice (front) glides over the body creating some ease between the fabric and the skin. Not skin tight, and not so loose that it makes you look heavier. The goal is that all 4 tops combine with both pairs of pants. That is the criteria. This must happen. It could look like this. Now for 2 more pieces. Just 2 outer layer choices. I want you to think sweater, moto- jacket, denim jacket, blazer or a vest. The KEY here is that both pieces go with all 4 of the tops – color and pattern wise. They could look like this: Now, if you really do love these 8 pieces (as much as possible), then here is how you can make 20+ outfits. Just think how this would expand if you simply added 1 pair of jeans to the capsule. Or you found 1 extra shirt that you love. That would be 9 or 10 pieces of clothing, and your wardrobe would sing for many weeks. If you are careful about where you buy them, and you, perhaps, don’t spend as much money as you would on a signature piece at the weight you envision, you can wear these clothes, wear them out and then move onto a new capsule wardrobe AT A NEW WEIGHT. See how this works?

This Can Happen When You Stop Waiting to Lose Weight

Here are the possible outfits from the 8 pieces. Depending on your style and your personality, you will choose the pieces that fit you. These are simply examples of what can happen when you decide that you are DONE WAITING to lose weight. Because now, since you really do have something to wear — right where you are — you can focus on what you need to take care of yourself — eating, exercising, great self care that results in the kind of weight loss you want to accomplish.

Here are the clothing in the capsule wardrobe in varying size ranges and fabric. I have an affinity for stores that create clothes in multiple sizes, so have fun shopping and click here for more info.

If you are working on a Capsule wardrobe and you need help, just ask here. We can get on the phone and chat about what is working and what is not and I can help you find the pieces you need to create a capsule you love.

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