How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe When You Have No Idea Where to Start

Flying back from Las Vegas last week we had a comedian Southwest flight attendant. Instead of asking us to place our valuables under the seat, he said “make sure you get everything jammed crammed and stuffed where we can’t see it.”

Most of the time I do have a full carry-on and purse, but for this flight I had one small purse. It felt great to stretch my legs out under the seat, free from thoughts of other baggage.

But as the flight attendant walked down the aisle, closing the bin doors, I noticed that they were indeed ALL jammed, crammed and stuffed with stuff! Which is exactly what happens to our brains, to our homes, to our closets.

Having “too much” is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Evidence that people desperately want to shift is found in popular books (Essentialism and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up being two of the most popular) and articles on paring down, and the growing tiny house movement.

Even with this plethora of information, we aren’t sure where to start!

I read an article recently that made the scary prediction that soon the sheer quantity of available information will double every 12 hours.

Even in the face of this sobering statistic, we continue to add to our lives things that make it harder and harder to reset, to grow and to be creative.

If you want to pare down but aren’t sure where to start, I want to give you the opportunity to find 2 pieces in your closet you can use to make a small cluster of clothes called a capsule.

With a little practice you can create an 8-piece capsule wardrobe that gives you a minimum of 20 outfits that you love and want to wear.

By doing so, you will pare down your wardrobe, reset your brain to think differently about your wardrobe and increase your ability to be creative and have fun with your clothes.

So here goes:

Step 1:

Find 2 pieces in your closet that you love. And I mean love as in you would wear them every day if you could. The pieces can be two pairs of pants, two shirts, a shirt and a pant or a dress and any other item. Just 2.

Step 2:

Find 2-3 colors that you want to use for your capsule from the items selected. If, for example, you choose a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you could have navy and grey as your color scheme for the capsule. If you choose jeans and a patterned shirt, you could have navy, coral and white for a color scheme.

find2-2 find 2-1

Step 3:

The other 6 pieces need to be specifically chosen by you, and they need to be done according to this chart. There are 2 bottoms, 4 tops and 2 third layer pieces for each capsule. Here is a chart to help:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.31.46 PM

capsuleStep 4:

Using the color scheme you have chosen, you can add the other pieces by shopping at the store or in your closet. Please stick with the color scheme you have chosen, and make sure each piece fits into the capsule first by color, then by style (do I love it), and then does it fit?

For example, let’s take this skirt from Tory Burch and a pair of jeans, and see what we can come up with:

Here are the garments in this catalog.  Some of the affiliate links may generate commissions for Your Authentic Image which helps support the time spent creating these very unique recommendations.

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