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Dress Well -- Because you and your work matter
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Empower your clothes to serve you,
so you can serve others
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An authentic image starts with truthful clothing choices
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Your image is not about fashion and style - it's about trust
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Learn to dress the paradox of being gorgeously human
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Listen to, accept, and dress your true self
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What Clients Have to Say About Working With Kathleen

Karyn Jensen

Was thinking of you AGAIN in the car yesterday. And how this process has really changed my life. I can’t get over it. I had no idea how important it was to focus on matching what you feel on the inside with your outside. It brings a congruency and a wholeness to your everyday life. I used to dread getting dressed in the morning – now I look forward to thinking about how I feel, and having a closet full of clothes to choose from that I LOVE and that match who I am. I just feel better when I put my clothes on. And the way you help with this process is so thoughtful, gracious and kind. Grateful heart here.

Karyn Jensen

Alice Heiman

Kathleen has a way of making good into great. I’m a professional, and I dressed well, but never really felt like my clothing was a good reflection of my personality. I didn’t understand how to use my clothing to convey confidence and authority. My style was more casual and lacked accessories. Working with Kathleen took my image to the next level. Using my words, the fashion fit formula, my colors and style makes buying the right clothing and accessories easy. A great investment.

Alice Heiman

Pauline Chen Fong

My initial fear of shopping and panic about not knowing what to look for, and an extremely limited budget for a new professional wardrobe are over. Without hesitation I would say “work with her, she is worth every penny, every dollar and more." It was a great investment I made in myself where I am no longer frustrated in my closet, and I no longer stay away from events because I have nothing to wear. I absolutely recommend her services.

Pauline Chen Fong

Vice President, Non-Profit, Seattle, WA

Sriram Sridharan

For me dressing well was an act of courage. Clothing has always been a way of belonging and feeling like I could never get there. In my relationship with Kathleen, it wasn’t about belonging, but about celebrating. To wear my colors and my words is an act of courage when conformity is what is sought. It works both ways. In a sense dressing authentically is self expression meaning I reflect what is within, but in another sense it is sacramental.

Sriram Sridharan

Jill Jensen

It has been a pleasure working with Kathleen. I used to struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear to work. Since working with Kathleen, she helped me find the right colors, the right fit and the right style that works best for me. Now when I get dressed, I know that whatever I choose, I look and feel great. Kathleen has helped make my life so much easier, and I couldn’t be happier.

Jill Jensen

Alexia Vernon

As a professional speaker and speaking coach, I’m constantly thinking about my image and how to ensure that what I project through my facial expressions, body language and clothing enhances my message and credibility. After working with Kathleen, having a process for essentializing my wardrobe to pieces I love (and that love to be worn by me!), knowing the colors that make me and my brand come to life, and understanding the fit that works best on my frame…all wonderful.

Alexia Vernon

Women's Public Speaking & Leadership Expert

Carrie Minturn

Working with Kathleen has been an investment that has paid off in innumerable ways. Ultimately, it's been a much needed investment in myself. Kathleen's gentle, wise and uncompromising belief that every woman is beautiful as she is, combined with her skill and expertise, has been transformational for me. I feel more empowered, confident and beautiful than ever.

Carrie Minturn

Senior Vice President

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It's Time to Wear Clothes That Represent Who You Are

 and What You Want to Say to The World

There is SO MUCH TALK in the media about fashion, and trends, and the the latest fads . . . and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, IF you enjoy it, if you work in the fashion industry, or if dressing in the latest trends is your top priority.

For MOST of us though, all that talk boils down to “fashion for the sake of fashion,” and is therefore not relevant to our work, our lives, or who we are. Instead, we create our style over time, with care, and strategically. Because you do work that matters, please know that an authentic image can... 

  • Create or augment a strong personal brand
  • Cultivate the self-trust it takes to be vulnerable and be heard
  • Make getting dressed an easy, pleasurable task each and every day
  • Become more visible, more confident and more authentic.
  • Create a closet that supports you in growing your business and establishing yourself as a leader
  • Become empowered to pursue more of what you really want in life.

I want to empower you to become confident in your clothes. Clothes that allow you to do your best work, and NEVER think about what you wearing.  Because isn’t that the goal: A healthy self forgetting!

If these changes sound exciting, and you are ready to take the next step to discover what working with an image consultant is all about, I'd love to talk with you.

How Can I Help You...?


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