Style Integration Offer

A joint offer with Kathleen Audet and Kristen Gilster

Two highly personalized and focused sessions to help you shrink your closet, expand your wardrobe and feel amazing in your clothes

only for the Alumni of Wear It Well

What a lovely and intimate experience we have shared over the course of Wear It Well.  You have grown in awareness around your style, your strengths, your body, your beauty and your discomfort.

We know you to be a leader in your field, but sometimes a little hand-holding feels helpful,

and we are here for you to provide...


TWO one-to-one personalized, 90-minute private sessions


Grounding for these new teachings in your body, creating a relationship of trust within


A look that is integrated and whole and feels amazing in clothes.


A private virtual closet to answer your clothing needs

These 90-minute sessions are highly personalized and entirely devoted to your ongoing integration and application of our work together

1.  Schedule your session with Kathleen and receive your pre-work and virtual closet.  Make sure to create space in your day following the Session to hone your wardrobe work and clarify your tasks moving forward because you will be:

  • Showing as many pieces of clothing and accessories on camera as possible in our 90 minutes together
  • Receiving a list of pieces you can use to create outfits with
  • Discovering how to be the artist in your own closet and trust your choices
  • Learning brands that fit your Style words and budget
  • Solidifying your best pieces for on-camera work and video presentations

2.  Schedule your session with Kristen and receive your pre-work and instructions in order to:

  • Peek behind the scenes of your closet to discover the hidden workings of your soul
  • Awaken more fully to the experience of inner holiness as you choose clothes that mirror and accentuate your deepest self
  • Sink into the deep delicious feel of clothes on your body that make you say, "this is me"
  • Learn how your body responds to your Style words and messages
  • Learn how to feel your way into your closet 

For one price you get twice the value

We hope this Workshop has left you with a sense of clarity and discernment about how can Wear It Well -- beginning to dress your spiritmindbody with ease and authenticity. We also recognize that you might like an added boost of personal one-to-one support. If so,

this option is for you


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