“I have no interest in whether the bible and the life to which it is witnessed is true or not. I assume it is true. I have always assumed it’s true.


What I am interested in is insisting on the fact that it is livable. This isn’t something to argue about or fight over. This is to be lived and if its not lived — forget it.”


– Eugene Peterson

This quote from Eugene Peterson is helpful for me as I try to live out my own convictions and faith in a very fractured world.

To make sure that that this live-ability is anchored in my awareness of a larger world than my hometown, I choose to give at least ten percent of my earnings from my business to those that do what I call the participatory work of the world that is more and beyond many of us.

Let me introduce you to Kelly Kosky. Kelly and his wife, Kathy, have many responsibilities in Transkei Africa, and recently Kelly has decided to take on yet another challenge near Qamata.

“Several months ago, while working in the Tembuland area of the Transkei, I discovered a hidden community of children living in the garbage dump near Qamata. The children had no parents or homes.


They lived off the scraps of rotten food that were deposited in the garbage dump…As I put my handkerchief over my mouth, I began to walk toward the weeping sound…”

Kelly and his wife, Kathy, live and work in the Transkei district of Africa and have for almost 30 years now. My decision to give to them came when I met Kelly here in Reno and heard him speak of his outreach, his heart for the people of Africa and his family. If you want to give separately, you can go here, and if you want more information about Kelly and Kathy, you can go here.

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