Get a seamstress on speed dial

Last month while shopping, I said to a client, “we may not find the piece we are looking for, but my dream is to create an item in my head for you, and then have it made by the end of the day”.  

That engineering feat may come sooner than we expect – I hope so – but in the meantime, I want to encourage you to sift through your closet for items that may need some repair, some editing, some re-sewing (is that a word?) so that it fits you like it was made for you in the first place. That is the key to a closet of clothes you love.

Whenever I work with people that have any background in sewing or who grew up around parents who created or fixed clothing, I find they have a good sense of fit.  This is easily learned once you SEE on your own body what good fit looks like. And a seamstress or tailor can help. They should be able to offer advice and expertise on how to sort

I encourage you to find in your town a tailor or seamstress with a mindset  and skillset —  good fit on the human body. While that may take a bit of time, I highly recommend starting with a pant or skirt that needs to be hemmed and listening carefully to the seamstress/tailor talk about how the piece fits.  If he/she is showing you what works, what doesn’t and why — that’s a good sign.

For inspiration, meet Mimi G. Not only is she beautiful, she overcame homelessness to create a thriving sewing, pattern making and lifestyle brand. Here is a bit about her.

And, if you are local to Reno, Nevada, meet Suzanne Lindell of BoltLine Tailor and Cloth on California Avenue.  Not only will you love her workshop space, you will learn so much from her when you bring your pieces in for tailoring.  She’s delightful, honest, and oh so talented.

And, getting to meet Suzanne in her Reno workshop!! Just a privilege!

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