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Yep, it’s hot here in the West! And it was hot in Fresno last week (though for them 90 is not hot, they say), but we had a cool and inviting time at the Fun, Food & Fashion night. Not only did everyone go home with a brand new accessory to wear, we had a styling session that was really creative and energetic. Here’s what attendee Beth G. had to say:

“Amazing!! I was holding back tears it was so ‘profound’… she really touches something in us as women… and begins to open up something about our identity and how we dress being a way to ‘communicate’ who we are… and she does it from the inside out… it was profound! I can’t wait to work with her personally with my closet! She’ll be worth the money!!!”

While a short style session in one night may not magically solve all your wardrobe challenges, it cancreate a self-awareness that will nudge you toward looking at what’s going on, beneath your surface and in your closet. Here are just a couple of the wardrobe challenging beliefs I try and address in speaking to or working with a client:
Who I am on the inside does not show on the outside. If it’s difficult for people to see you as you really are because your non-verbal communication is sending a different message than what you are saying, then there is often an uncomfortable feeling that is often called cognitive dissonance.
People don’t respond to you the way you need or want them to. For example, if you’re an outgoing, giving, ambitious woman but you dress in drably-colored, shapeless or too large clothing, you may be perceived as blending into the background. You’re invisible in a sense, even when you’re right in front of someone.
BUT, when you intentionally create a wardrobe that flatters you, that is easy AND fun to wear, and that reflects who you are on the inside, you’re empowered to reconcile the view you have of yourself and the view you think others have of you. Making that connection gives you Your Authentic Image.
By working in a safe space, over time, and in collaboration with me, we can craft a way to get dressed every day so that you are joyous about YOU – and ready to take on any day.Warmly,

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